Is coconut oil good or bad?

I had a relaxing evening planned last night.  Just myself, daddy, and an episode of House of Cards while snacking on these treats packed with good ol’ coconut oil (or is it as healthy as we thought?).  I just had a bit of work to do, launching our 6-Day Picky...

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What Makes Cheddar Cheese Orange?

Last week in my Facebook Group I posted a photo of a child’s lunch that included cheddar cheese.  As I was brewing topics for my next blog post, a question popped up in the comment’s section of my Facebook post: “Doesn’t orange cheese have food...

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9 Healthy All-in-One Snacks

In one of my last posts I shared some snack inspiration.  I simplified snack prep with a mix & match list of foods to combine - foods that included a protein + carb + fat. Being a nutritionist, I love that list of simple ideas that I (and you) consisting...

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