Unlock Peaceful Mealtimes & Help Your Child Thrive:


Private Coaching & Step-By-Step Proven Solutions

for Overwhelmed Parents with Picky Eaters.

Personalized Mealtime & Nutrition Plan For Parents Who…

  • Want to enjoy memorable mealtimes (without the power struggle). 
  • Want peace of mind that their child is getting ‘enough’ (without negotiating and bribing).  
  • Want their child to have a healthy relationship with food (without creating food issues later in life) 

You feel frustrated with your child’s unwillingness to try something new.

And wish you didn’t have to bribe or negotiate.

But it seems like the only solution. 

After all, you’ve tried everything at meals – and feel defeated.

You would feel so relieved if your child happily sat at the table. 

And was open to foods without the power struggle. 

You might worry when your child doesn’t eat (or grow) as well as their peers. 

Even worse, you might feel like you’re failing 

Resorting to bribing, distractions, or offering preferred foods. 

You are at the end of your rope – and are ready for a plan  

picky eating help and coaching

We love working with Danielle.  Her advice and recommendations work!  Meals are less stressful and we are eating together as a family.  She also helped our family stick to a routine so our son is no longer snacking through the day.

Anna Adamska (U.K)

Mom of 4 year old son

You want someone who understands your mealtime struggles, 

will hold your hand and keep you accountable.

so you don’t give up or fall back into bad habits.

and show you EXACTLY how to raise a healthy eater.  

With a step-by-step plan and judgment-free support.

My daughter has been selective since she was 2. We saw a food specialist, however I was always left with “now what do I do?“.  Working with Danielle took the guess work out of it which was a huge help, especially since I work full time and have a baby. She provided strategies and direction on what to do when your child acts out, but also concrete food ideas to work on with your child.

Since working with Danielle, my daughter is eating apples, clementines, combined foods, and tried foods she’s never had before – all without pressuring, bribing or getting frustrated!

Molly Lawless (USA)

Mom of 6 year old daughter


  • picky eating strategies so you can feel confident at mealtimes 
  • nutrition advice to optimize your family’s health
  • food journal assessments to ensure your child is getting enough
  • food expansion plan to grow your child’s food list faster and easier
  • family-friendly recipes to get you out of the rut!
  • meal planning framework so you won’t have to ask “what’s for dinner” again
  • stress-management tools to create positive mealtime memories 
  • unlimited email support for six (6) months so you never get stuck
  • accountability to keep making progress 


Danielle helped me understand that eating shouldn’t be the priority.  This reorganization or priorities and the confidence to be calm enough to believe it has been game changing for me.

Joyanne Rolph (Bermuda)

Mom of 5 year old son


6 Private Consultations (virtual)

Unlimited email support & accountability for 6 months.

STEP 1: Enrol in the Thrive Program (see button below).

STEP 2: Complete Online Mealtime Assessment.  Check your inbox for your digital Welcome Package.  Danielle will complete a thorough review of your intake forms prior to meeting, and develop a comprehensive plan for your family. (15 to 30 minutes)

STEP 3: Book your Private Consultations. Join via Zoom or Phone. Danielle will reveal the steps in your personalized nutrition and mealtime plan, while answering all your questions. (45 to 60 minutes for each consult)

STEP 4: Implement your new evidence-based strategies. You will receive a written step-by-step summary after each consult so you can quickly and easily take action. Feel free to share with other caregivers. 

STEP 5: Celebrate your progress and the steps you’ve taken to raise a healthy eater. 

Enjoy Unlimited Support (via email or What’s App) & regular Check-Ins during the 6 months, so you never feel alone or stuck when mealtime struggles strike.

Picky eating coaching

Before working with Danielle, I felt stressed about my son’s picky eating, his weight and his general eating habits. Mealtimes weren’t enjoyable and I was concerned about my son getting the nutrients he needed to grow.

After only one call with Danielle, I felt empowered with practical tools that I could implement right away.  Danielle kept me accountable without pressuring me.  After every call, I felt inspired to continue on our journey.  I loved that the Thrive package was tailored to my family’s needs. I truly appreciated Danielle being open and understanding, with zero judgement. Her tips and tricks were practical and easily implemented. 

Danielle Chaisson (Canada)

Mom of 3 year old son


After the program, you will have:

  • “Food Expansion Plan” – extensive list of specific new foods to serve and how to present them so you can expand your child’s diet easier and faster
  • “Master Mealtime Checklist” – 6 written protocols outlining specific mealtime strategies including exactly what to say & do to encourage better eating and quickly dissipate fights over food.
  • “Perfect Meal & Snack Schedule” to improve your child’s appetite, nutritional balance, and interest in rejected foods.
  • “Learn to Like Foods Plan” – comprehensive list of sensory and exploration ideas to engage your child with rejected foods in a fun way.
  • “Family Meal Plan Template” – a simple outline of your weekly family meals so you don’t have to think about what to serve.
  • “Sanity Savers” – tools to quickly turn mealtime battles with cranky kids into a peaceful family experience.
  • Thriving Child Plan” – research-based nutrition tips and supplement recommendations (where necessary) to easily boost your child’s nutrition so you can have peace of mind
  • Simple family recipes to get you out of the recipe rut and expose your child to more foods that you are excited to make. 

Most importantly…

You will have a child who is more willing to exploring and trying new foods (pssst…no bribing or negotiation required). 

Mealtimes will transform into a joyful experience.  And YOU will feel like a rockstar parent…

Watching your child grow up with a healthy relationship with food.

Imagine other parents asking how you did it.

Danielle is a great listener and extremely knowledgable about food nutrition and children’s behavior around various types of food issues. All of her instructions and suggestions worked amazingly well – I always looked forward to our check-in calls!
Molly Lawless (California)

Mom of 6 year old girl

I am so grateful to have worked with Danielle. I only wish I heard of her sooner! Her Thrive program was the answer to all my stresses regarding my son. Not only did she help in providing an understanding on what to do and what not to do, but she also provided all the tools on how to do it.

It was all spelled out in 3 consults, so easy to follow and understand. I loved being able to talk with her regularly as we progressed through the program so she could customize next steps for us. She gave me the confidence in what I was doing every step of the way. Absolutely brilliant!

Anita (Ontario, Canada)

Mom of 3 year old son

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