The Thrive Package was created for parents like you…

Parents who want to enjoy mealtimes with their child.  Who worry that their little one is not getting ‘enough’ nutrition, or that they are not set up to have a healthy relationship with food.  Parents who want evidence-based solutions to help their child eat better and thrive.

You’re feeling frustrated and defeated with your child’s picky eating tendencies or lack of nutrition.

You wish you didn’t have to sneak veggies into their food or bribe with a treat, but it feels like the only solution.

You would feel so relieved if your child happily sat at the table and was willing to try foods without a fight.

When kids don’t eat (or grow) as well as their peers it’s exhausting and worrisome.  Well-meaning pediatricians provide advice we don’t feel good about or that doesn’t work well.  Enough is enough.  You just want someone who gets your mealtime struggles and can show you exactly how to turn things around – the right way.  



You’ll get whole-istic solutions including:

  • evidence-based mealtime solutions  
  • nutrition & supplement recommendations 
  • simple family-friendly recipes
  • meal planning tips
  • sanity-saving and stress-busting strategies
  • natural health remedies
  • a TON of support (you will never ever feel alone).



3 Months.  6 Sessions.  Unlimited support.

  • One (1) comprehensive assessment (60-90 minutes) over Skype or in-person where possible.
  • Five (5) follow-up sessions (~30-60 minutes each followed by recommendations in custom protocol)
  • Six (6) personalized protocols with custom recommendations for your child’s health, nutrition, or eating concerns.
    • Recommendations on new foods to try with your child and ideas on how to incorporate
    • Research-based mealtime strategies (exactly what to say and do at meals to encourage better eating)
    • Food Journal Assessment (review of meal timing and composition, suggestions to improve appetite and balance)
    • Nutrition tips (food alternatives to boost child’s nutrient intake)
    • Supplement recommendations (essentials for kids and to balance out your child’s nutrient gaps)
    • Sample meal plans and ‘picky eater’ friendly recipes
  • Unlimited support for 3 months and beyond

BONUS: Complimentary access to the Picky Eater Protocol.  A proven 6-week online program that shows parents how to transform picky eating.  Includes videos, exercise sheets, cheatsheets/printables, sensory workshop/Q&A, and private Facebook group for parents with picky eaters. (value $850)



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