Family Meal Planning

Bored of making your kids the same ol’ sandwich for lunch?

Desperate for meal ideas your family will WANT to eat?

As a Certified Nutritionist & Picky Eating Expert, I know one of the most important things we can do to raise healthier eaters is prepare family style meals.  Easier said than done though, right?    Not only do we need time to prepare meals, we ALSO need time to be thoughtful about what we’re preparing (to make sure it’s balanced, nutritious, and darn delicious).

That’s why you’re here.   Getting your family on the path to better meals (and better eating) can start TODAY.   With this “Family Meal Plan” + “Lunch Box Meal Plan” BONUS.

Meal Plan Vegetarian Meal Plan

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A Family Meal Plan will help you if:


You’re spending more than you’d like on groceries

  • Consumers spend 40% more on impulse purchases when they shop without a list.

You hate having to throw out food. 

  • The average American family tosses 25% of the food they purchase.  For a family of four, that upwards of $1,400 per year.

You want your little ones to eat better.

  • Kids who eat family meals tend to consume more fruit and veggies, score higher on achievement scores, have bigger vocabularies.

You and your family are bored of the same ol’ meals and packing the same ol’ lunch

  • Improving our little one’s nutritional variety depends heavily on getting exposure to different foods often.  If they’re in a rut of only wanting peanut butter sandwiches, then we need to change things up! You want mealtime inspiration (without complication).

You are winging it for dinner most nights.

  • Thinking about what to make for dinner every – single – night is draining.  And once we decide on the meal, we realize ingredients are missing.  Chances are we’re spending an extra 3 hours per week with ad hoc recipe searching, grocery shopping, and meal planning.

You’ve been meaning to start a meal plan but…life happens.  This is about to change.

Family Meal Plan

What is the Family Meal Plan Package?

All your meals & snacks planned for 4 weeks – healthy, simple, scrumptious (with meals your kids will want to try).  This Meal Plan combo is includes:

4-week Family Meal Plan

(7 days of meal plans for the family x 4 weeks)


Lunch Box Meal Plan

(5 days of lunch and snacks for school x 4 weeks)

What does the Meal Plan Package include?

  • Nutrient-Dense Family + Lunch Box Meal Plans:  All meals and snacks are chock-full of nutrition and include a healthy balance of macronutrients.
  • Allergen-Free Recipes: Gluten and dairy-free recipes that can easily be modified.  Includes nut-free snacks for school.
  • Simple Recipes:  Virtually all recipes take <30 minutes to prepare (breakfasts are super fast and most take <10 minutes).
  • Weekly Grocery Shopping List: Organized by section of the store to simplify your shopping experience.
  • Lunch Box Cheat Sheet:  “Mix & Match” lunch box for more inspiration + tips for creating a balanced meal for your little one.

NOTE: Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian plans available.


How does it work?

  • Every week you will receive an email with everything you need (recipes, shopping list, meal plans).
  • Email will be delivered every Friday morning so you have time to shop & prep over the weekend.
  • Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Plans available.  Please select preferred plan during purchase.

Questions?  Send an email to

Meal Plan Vegetarian Meal Plan



How much will it cost?

  • Total Value of the 4-Week Meal Planning Package: $100

  • Promo price:  $45