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Working from home is taking its toll on your employees’ health, happiness and productivity at work. They are exhausted, and struggling to make it to the end of the work day.  Survival has taken precedence over productivity, with energy levels at an all-time low. And stress at an all-time high.  Hours are being lost due to a lack of self-care. Your team needs to know you care.  Get an employee wellness program with simple strategies to help them thrive.  So your company can thrive again too.

% of Employees are stressed


hours of productive work are lost each day

of MY clients report IMPROVED team morale after A wellness workshop

Imagine having an engaged team that is loyal, and laser-focused, with boundless energy.

Get wellness workshops custom-designed for your team’s unique needs.  Danielle’s “5 Pillars of Wellness” ™ system is the key your company is missing to optimize your employees’ physical and mental health. Because when they are thriving, your company will too.  


Danielle provided our team with a fantastic wellness lunch& learn. This was of course focused primarily on nutrition, but also included tips on living a well rounded lifestyle – marrying nutrition with movement, sleep and stress management. Her content was engaging and encouraged lots of interaction with team. As it was a remote session due to government lockdown, this maximized interest and impact. Thanks Danielle!

Harry Richardson

Senior HR Business Partner, Blackbaud, UK


Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops are 60 minute interactive sessions that will give your employees proven health strategies, so they can eat meals that’ll keep them energized all day, know exactly what exercises to do on their lunch breaks, and learn how to break big projects into smaller chunks to maximize efficiency. 

Wellness Programs

 Custom wellness programming (including PDFs, checklists, meal plans, and challenges) that you can easily distribute internally.  These tools help your team reduce their “sick days”,  prepare quick balanced snacks to keep them focused, and  improve their stress-management skills.

Wellness Consulting

Wellness consults will help you provide your teams with the tools and resources needed to help your employees create a home and office workspace that is conducive to optimal productivity, focus, and energy while supporting their mental health. 

“We received overwhelmingly positive feedback.” Danielle’s session with the Microsoft team was highly engaging, upbeat and full of great tips and information. It’s great that Danielle provides a number of small tips that can incorporated into daily habits for incremental improvements. Danielle encourages small changes which aren’t overwhelming. Thank you for a great presentation – we are bringing Danielle back for more sessions.

Greg Bond

Sales Director, Microsoft


I was there 7 years ago. Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed while working in the corporate space for large multinational companies to small local start-ups.  In my 15+ years of experience working as a Marketing Manager my self-care took a hit, not knowing what next steps to take, I didn’t take any.  My energy continued to crash, and my ability to operate at full capacity was hindered.


Now, as a mom of three, and a business owner, I get the struggle of balancing work, life, and self-care. I also get the critical importance of making sure my team feels cared for and supported with wellness strategies.  So they can thrive personally and professionally.


There’s a simpler (and more cost effective) way to build an engaged and productive team.  I will build a custom employee wellness program to help your team thrive, no matter where they work – using my 5 Pillars of Wellness™ system.

Danielle has been an amazing find for our organization. We originally engaged her for 3 months of sessions but based on the response from our team, we quickly locked her in for a year. Her sessions are highly informative, engaging and interactive. Danielle has an easy style of delivery that our team has found most engaging. People on our team indicate they can always find 2 or 3 ideas to take away and implement right away to make a difference. Additionally, we have recorded the sessions so people can go back and listen at a later time. I would highly recommend Danielle to any organization!

Kimberly Seeley

HR Director, CHEP

Danielle recently delivered a Wellness Seminar to the employees of Labatt and the session received a lot of great feedback. The content was engaging, simple to understand and impactful. Our colleagues were left with solutions that were easy to implement and guidelines that are easy to follow. My 3 takeaways – PFF, sheet pan dinners and cauliflower. Confused? Book a session with Danielle to find out more! Thanks Danielle for an inspiring session! 

Amanda Rohaly

HR Director, Labatt

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