when your team thrives, SO DOES  Your business.


Engaging wellness talks, health challenges, and programs that employees are raving about.


Employee Wellness Workshop
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Engaged Employees

If your people are well…

They feel cared for personally.  You won’t lose them to sick days, mental health absences, or extended leave.

Happy Employees

If your people are well…

 They feel happier at work. Satisfied people are more loyal and stay put. Less turnover saves you time and money. 

High-Performing Teams

If your people are well…

They can use their energy effectively. Watch their creativity, problem solving, and productivity sky-rocket!

Workplace wellness


Simple science-based strategies to improve your health & happiness in 3 minutes (or less) – every week.

    • When you feel better
    • You can do better – at work and home
    • It has a ripple effect on others around you.

    Build a better you = Build a better team.

    fuelling companies around the globe

    are you WORRIED ABOUT:

    • The risk of losing good people – and the optics if they leave?
    • Managing (preventable) absences – short-term leaves, disability, or sick days?
    • Supporting everyone’s mental health – and the impact if you do not?
    • No bandwidth to create a wellness program – or not knowing where to start?


    The average knowledge worker spends one-third of their lives working.  Instead of feeling obligated as their leader to figure out the best way to support their wellness, leave it to the experts.  We’ve been working with companies around the globe to create transformational mental & physical wellness programs that:

    • Improve employee loyalty 
    • Reduce employee absences
    • Boost employee health & happiness at work
    • Create stronger team bonds
    • Skyrocket performance


    Danielle Binns Nutritionist

    I had the pleasure of participating in a 1 hour virtual wellness section led by Danielle and it was both informative and enjoyable. She shared great tips and tricks and made the session fun and engaging for everyone. It was a great team activity and I would highly recommend working with Danielle!

    Helen Cooper

    Head of Marketing, eBay

    YOUR employees are struggling.

    % of Employees are stressed


    hours of productive work are lost each YEAR PER EMPLOYEE

    % of clients report IMPROVED team morale after my wellness program

    Let’s fix that (easily)…

    What if you could protect your team’s mental & physical health NOW 

    (with an easy-to-implement wellness program).

    So you don’t have to spend time and resources LATER 

    (recruiting new people, covering absences, managing performance issues).

    What if you showed your team that you truly care about them on a personal level?  

    Let’s keep them healthy and happy at work, with a customized wellness program that they will rave about!

    Employee Wellness Workshop

    Danielle provided our team with fantastic wellness lunch & learns. This was of course focused primarily on nutrition, but also included tips on living a well rounded lifestyle – marrying nutrition with movement, sleep and stress management. Her content was engaging and encouraged lots of interaction with team

    Harry Richardson

    Senior HR Business Partner, Blackbaud, UK

    As a leader, YOU want to do better, BUT…

    You’ve got a heavy workload, project deadlines, and a home life or family time to protect.  

    The thought of investing resources into planning and executing a wellness program is overwhelming.  

    You don’t have the bandwidth (nor the expertise) to give your people what they really need.  

    Danielle Binns in the media


    Let us deliver on our zone of genius (team nutrition, health, and happiness), so you can focus on yours.  

    Once you give us the green light, we manage everything from end-to-end. We provide the communication, do the development, execution, and reporting. 

    Whether it’s a wellness keynote speech, or quarterly workshops, or a year-long wellness program.

    We make it easy breezy, lemon squeezy. 

    “We received overwhelmingly positive feedback.” Danielle’s session with the Microsoft team was highly engaging, upbeat and full of great tips and information. It’s great that Danielle provides a number of small tips that can incorporated into daily habits for incremental improvements. Danielle encourages small changes which aren’t overwhelming. Thank you for a great presentation – we are bringing Danielle back for more sessions.

    Greg Bond

    Sales Director, Microsoft

    Nearly 1 in 3 employees are in “burnout”.

    Those who experience burnout are 63% more likely to take sick days.   

    And 6x more likely to leave their employers in the next three to six months.

    Not addressing workplace stress is not an option

    The result could be devastating.

    Employee wellness workshop

    we’ve got you covered.

    Research shows that creating a culture where people are encouraged to take their mental health and well-being seriously has widespread benefits. 

    You can be the hero that leads the change. 

    You can create a culture that your people crave.

    You can nurture a team that everyone in the office raves about.

    It starts with you – and it starts with your team’s well-being.

    This is the best meeting I’ve been to all month!


    Manager, Microsoft


    Movement creates energy, for the body and the brain.  Yes most people spent their days sitting, and thus draining, their physical and mental energy.           Which translates to decreased productivity and joy at work.

    Use these 10 simple tips to improve your team’s physical health in <5 minutes.   

    there’s no time for wellness.

    People are busier than ever. 

    Asking your team to make time for their health at work might feel like it’s too much, when their calendar is already full.

    But you’ll probably agree that their health is a priority and impacts everything they do.  

    Wellness can not be an afterthought or a one-off.

    employee wellness

    we fit your schedule.

    With over 15 years of experience in the corporate world herself, Danielle gets the struggle with scheduling self-care in a fast-paced environment. That’s why we customize wellness programs that you (and your busy team) can actually make time for.

    Choose from:

    • keynote talks
    • 2-minute wellness videos
    • 60-minute wellness workshops (live or recorded)
    • 30-day nutrition, fitness & mental health “micro challenges”
    • wellness series (monthly, quarterly, annual)
    • quick reference handouts
    • simple meal plans

    Once you and your team get inspired with one of our wellness offerings, you will be hooked!


    In fact, 70% of the companies we’ve worked with brought us back to do more!

    Danielle has been an amazing find for our organization. We originally engaged her for 3 months of sessions, but based on the response from our team, we quickly locked her in for a year (we are now on our second year).

    Her sessions are highly informative, engaging and interactive.  People indicate they can always find 2 or 3 ideas to implement right away to make a difference. I would highly recommend Danielle to any organization!

    Kimberly Seeley

    Director, Human Resources, CHEP Canada Corp

    Our 5 Pillars of Wellness™ system is the key your company is missing to optimize your employees’ physical and mental health.

    There’s something for everybody.

    Get a proven wellness program designed for your team’s unique needs. 




    Shockingly, 53% of workers believe their work is suffering because of poor mental health.  Let’s help your people feel seen and cared for, so they can do their best work.

    This guide includes 10 impactful ways to reduce your team’s stress and overwhelm in <5 minutes.  

    wellness Programs employees love

    Wellness Workshops

    Highly engaging 60-minute sessions (virtual or in-person) inspire your team with actionable health strategies.  With over 20 topics (e.g. Stress, Sleep, Hydration, Brain Health, Happiness, and more), there’s something for everyone. 

    Wellness Challenges

    Simple weekly challenges motivate your team to implement habits that stickThe Wellness Reboot offers simple nutrition & lifestyle hacks to optimize their health. The Fitness Reboot helps them fit movement into a busy day. The Mental Health Reboot provides tips to manage stress. 

    Wellness Guides

    Nutrition & health resources to arm your team with self-care strategies. Includes PDFs, meal plans, and more you can easily distribute internally to reduce sick days,  improve focus with balanced office snacks, and stress-management tools.

    why companies CHOOSE Danielle:

    Unlike many Learning & Development workshops (where lots is learned, but little is applied), our “5S system” makes it easy for busy people to take action. With our 2 minute healthy hacks, big transformations are happening. 


    My team is too busy to implement what they learn

    “It’s too much work to set up a wellness program”

    “I don’t know where to start”

    “We already have a gym & wellness resources”

    “We do not have time for another meeting”

    “I don’t think the investment will make a difference”



    Virtually every health & nutrition hack takes less than 2 minutes to implement. It takes longer to make a cup of coffee!

    Employee wellness program


    Leave it all to us – the communication, registration, implementation, management, and reporting – so you can focus on your work.


    After a short call to align with your needs and timing, we provide a wellness program that can start with the push of a button. 


     This isn’t your average wellness program. We inspire, educate, engage, interact and motivate your people to take action.

    Engaging employee wellness


    Work is hard. The day is long. We make wellness fun, engaging, and create unique opportunities for teams to bond.


    Get the latest nutrition, fitness & wellness science-based strategies. We give you the research & the why behind each tip so you are motivated to act.


    STEP #1 

    Book a Call

    We’ll review the program options and select the best fit for your team. It’s complimentary and there’s no obligation.

    STEP #2 

    Select a Wellness Program

    We provide a done-for-you wellness plan based on your team’s specific needs. And work with you to determine timing.

    STEP #3 

    Watch Your Team Thrive

    We handle it all – the communication, registration, delivery and reporting for your wellness program.  So you can focus on other things.

    Danielle Binns Nutritionist


    I was there 8 years ago. Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed while working in the corporate space for large multinational companies to small local start-ups.  In my 15+ years of experience working as a Marketing Manager my health took a hit – not knowing what next steps to take, I didn’t take any.  My energy continued to crash, and my ability to operate at full capacity was hindered.

    Until my self-care saved me.

    Now, as a parent and a business owner, I get the struggle of balancing work, life, and health. I understand the critical importance of making sure my team feels cared for and supported with wellness strategies.  So they can thrive personally and professionally.

    Our team builds effective and highly engaging employee wellness programs to help your team thrive, no matter where they work – using my 5 Pillars of Wellness™ system. 

    There’s a simpler (and more cost effective) way to build an engaged and productive team. Let’s do this together.

    Danielle delivered Wellness Seminars to the employees of Labatt and we received a lot of great feedback. The content was engaging, simple to understand and impactful. Our colleagues were left with solutions that were easy to implement and guidelines that are easy to follow. My 3 takeaways – PFF, sheet pan dinners and cauliflower. Confused? Book a session with Danielle to find out more! Thanks Danielle for an inspiring session! 

    Amanda Rohaly

    HR Director, Labatt

     your team is WAITing on you

    Get back the 2 hours of productive work time lost everyday
    for every employee in your company. 

    Let us help you increase their productivity, and reduce burnout with a Wellness Plan your team will rave about!