Let me introduce you to the World’s Worst Procrastinator when it comes to gifting.


However, this year I am trying (emphasis on the word “trying“) to turn a new leaf and get all my Christmas shopping done a week in advance.  I’m setting the bar LOW.   Unfortunately, Christmas shopping falls to the bottom of the list when balancing clients, kids, and the other craziness life throws you.  If anyone else is falling behind and needs some Christmas gift inspiration for the mothers in their life – you’ll love these “Last Minute Gifts for Moms“.

My hope is that this list will get into the hands of the wonderful partners and Kris Kringles in our lives, so they can gift us with things we will actually USE and WANT as health-minded moms.  And take some of the stress out of shopping.

What I love most about this list is that it is supports mom entrepreneurs – mostly local moms who have been busting their butts to turn their passion projects into successful businesses.   Businesses I trust and am proud to support.

So while you are gifting that special mom in your life, or yourself, know that you are also gifting a hardworking, health-minded mom (just like you).

Last Minute Gifts for Moms – Products

My Spice Box

For the “Culinary Mom”

Last Minute Gifts for Moms

These are the businesses I trust and am proud to support.We may only use a few sprinkles of spices in our cooking, but quality still matters.  Spices may not be on the “Dirty Dozen” but they should be!

Unfortunately, conventional spice mixes can contain harmful preservatives and additives like artificial colours, MSG, wheat/gluten and salt. Even whole or freshly ground spices are usually irradiated or treated with chemicals to kill the bacteria and other contaminants – which also decreases the level of vitamins and nutrients. Irradiation in particular can cause toxic, carcinogenic by-products….which cause aging and disease. Sign me out.

I’ve since become a spice snob, making sure my family is only eating quality spices from reputable sources.  My Spice Box is my personal favourite.  All of your organic spices come in a little box that is perfect for gifting and they ship across North America.  Also love that this company was started by a local Torontonian (and a mom with a Culinary Degree).  She knows her stuff.

{DEAL}  Save 20% on spices until December 31st.  Use code: gourmetgift.   P.S. You can save 10% anytime with Healthy Moms Toronto Discount Card (see below!).

Tenth Moon Mothercare

For the “New Mom”

Last Minute Gifts for Moms

Birthing a baby is hard!   Before, during and after.  I have a wee bit of envy having only found out about Tenth Moon Mothercare recently.  They ship care packages across Canada to new moms with organic products including nutritious treats (that Yummy Mama Granola looks delish!) and soothing items to relieve aching muscles, sore nipples, and tender bottoms (with Nipple butters and Herbal Sits Baths).   They also have a special package for mothers who experienced a pregnancy loss or miscarriage – a small way of showing support to women who really need it (anytime of the year).

{DEAL}  Save 15% with your Healthy Moms Toronto Discount Card (see below).  Have a peek at their 3 packages here.

Healthy Moms Toronto Discount Card

For the “Shopping Mom” (in the GTA)

Last Minute Gifts for Moms

The Healthy Moms Toronto (HMT) discount card is that gift that keeps on giving.  Pardon the cliche, but it’s true!  HMT is in the process of expanding to Vancouver and eventually across Canada, but for now moms in the GTA are the lucky ones.  This discount card is a smart gift for the smart shopper in your life.  The list of participating partners is endless:

  • Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Sleep Trainers, etc
  • Restaurants (including one of my favourites, Fresh and Live Food Bar)
  • Baby and kid products and clothing (like Modern Rascals and Baby on the Hip)
  • Online stores (like Well.ca)
  • Babysitting services (like Ava’s Help)
  • And a whole lot more…

Actually, I ‘m just realizing that many of the items on this Christmas Wish List for Moms are also included on the HMT Card.  Now that’s convenient!

{DEAL}  Enter the code DANIELLEBINNS at checkout for 10% off each card.  It arrives in 3-5 business days.


For the “Smoothie Lovin’ Mom”


I’m pulling out the big guns for this last product.  It ain’t cheap but my goodness, it was the best money my in-laws every spent.  I vividly remember the day I received my Vitamix 3 years ago.  I cried.  Real tears.

Never again will I need to drink a gritty smoothie with this high-powered blender.  Nor am I limited to the standard smoothies.  This machine blends beets, carrots, nuts, and other hard foods to the smoothest consistency.  While they are pricier than your standard blender, they are also multi-purpose.  We make soups, dips, puddings, nut flour, rice flour, and the list goes on.

{DEAL}  A colleague of mine sells Vitamix for the absolute best price anywhere.  Brand new with 7 year manufacturers warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.  I’m not permitted to publish the price here, so just reach out for details.


Last Minute Gifts for Moms – Services


For the Sleep-Deprived Mom.

Last Minute Gifts for Moms

Being a mom is hard work.  Being a sleep-deprived mom takes it to another level.  It can wreak havoc on our health, ability to fight off illnesses our kids come home with, ability to shed extra body weight, etc.  Children need that sleep just as much as moms do.   They need that sleep to grow, stay healthy, and be good eaters!  Afterall, an overtired and irritable child is more likely to have “picky eating” tendencies.

When Sienna was a baby she was quite possibly the worst sleeper.  Up 10 to 14 times a night.  She was also a terrible eater.  In turn, I also wasn’t the best mother.  I was irrational and at the end of my rope.  It was time to treat myself (and Sienna) to more sleep…and sanity.  I did my research and WeeSleep came out on top.  Just one night of changing up how we approached bedtime (without “crying it out”) changed my life.

The gift of sleep is one of the most rewarding things we can give to other moms – and ourselves.

{DEAL}   Save 15% on sleep packages with the HMT Discount Card.

Home Detox

For the “Green Mom”

Christmas Gifts for Healthy Moms

As a Nutritionist, I pay close attention to what goes into my family during meals and snacks.  What is equally important though is what goes on our bodies and what we bring into our home.   Being healthy should take both into account – eating and environment.  I just can’t find the time to read every shampoo label, nor figure out how to make my own cleaners.  The good news is – someone else can do that for me.

I wish I took advantage of this personalized detox with Green at Home sooner.  It’s perfect for the mom who’s ready to choose healthier baby care, body care, cleaners, or household products but doesn’t have the time to sift through all the conflicting advice. Consultations with Emma (a super sweet mother of two) can be done anywhere via Skype and the recommendations are always fact-based, practical, and judgment-free.

{DEAL}   Save 10% on the the Deep Cleanse – a whole-home detox for the mom who is ready to “clean house” (personal care, baby care and/or cleaning products).  Mention my name when you book.

Meal Garden

For the “Planner Mom” 

Christmas Gifts for Healthy Moms

I’ve been talking about Meal Planning a lot lately.  Why?  Because it’s a sanity saver.  Going into the week knowing what I’m making saves me from the stress of frantically prepping a meal at 5 o’clock and feeding my family the same stir-fry every night.   I could jump around Pinterest and scan the internet for recipes, make my own make-shift meal plan, and translate that into a grocery list.  Instead I chose to use a meal planning tool like Meal Garden or That Clean Life and simplify my life.

{DEAL}  Meal Garden is offering an incredible bundle for the holidays with over $1000 in value.  The best part: it includes 1-Year access to a ton of healthy recipes, sample meal plans, and their meal planning tool for $19.95.  Check out the bundle here.

OR…could ‘that mom’ use someone to do the Meal Planning for her?  Take a gander at the 4-Week Family Meal Plan I created for busy families.  Vegetarian and non-Vegetarian plans available for $25 (reg. $100).

Last Minute Gifts for Healthy Little Ones 

For the “Mealtime Mom” (who wants to make mealtimes enjoyable)

A happy and healthy child translates to a happy and healthy mom (and vice versa).  Right?   Hence, I’m including a few of my favourite mealtime tools on this list.

Ezpz Mats

Last Minute Gifts for Moms

You already know ez-pz Happy Mats, Mini Mats and Bowls are one of my favourite mealtime tools as I talked about here.  These silicon (non-plastic) placemats / plates make a regular appearance on our dinner table for a few reasons:  (1) They stick to most surfaces, so that means less food on the floor.  (2) They come with separate compartments for little eaters who fuss at the sight of food touching. (3) Their design makes mealtimes fun and offers kids some control (i.e. you can ask where they would like to put different foods).

{DEAL}   Free shipping when you spend $50 + a one-week Family-Friendly meal plan.   Click here to browse products, then email copy of receipt to info@daniellebinns.com.

Pick-Ease Food Picks

Christmas Gifts for Healthy Moms

Speaking of “picky eaters”, this little tool might just be thing that improves a child’s eating.  When our kids eat better, moms feel better.

Toothpicks help to place food closer to the back molars setting kids up for success with chewing (especially if they have trouble managing certain foods).  However, traditional toothpicks aren’t so kid-friendly.  That’s where Pick-Ease comes in.  These ‘food picks’ are designed with a chunky handle, which is the perfect size for small hands to grasp.   It’s also a great transitional tool for children who are new to self feeding and aren’t able to maneuver a fork the way they need to.   Wrap these up with an ezpz mat for the perfect mealtime gift.   Or grab them as a fun little “stocking stuffer” for your little ones.

{DEAL}   Enter Promo Code (DB10) to save 10%.  Note:  Shipments may take a little longer because they are coming via the USA.

Picky Eater Protocol (PEP)old-pep-multi-screen-imageChristmas Gifts for Healthy Moms

We all know a parent who is struggling at mealtimes, or worried whether their little ones are ‘getting enough’.  I was that mother who felt like I was failing at meals, watching my first daughter pick at her food and struggle to gain weight. It was stressful, scary, and the reason I changed gears in my nutritional practice.

I built this online step-by-step 6-week program for parents with “selective” or “picky” eaters.  It has been life-changing for families and comes with a 100% recommendation rate from parents.

The PEP includes the following:

  • Daily support from myself (Nutritionist and Picky Eating Expert) via online group.
  • 6 weekly emails with simple step-by-step strategies
  • Short, yet eye-opening, videos you can watch at anytime/from anywhere
  • Quick reference Cheatsheets and Worksheets
  • Lifetime access

The Picky Eater Protocol commences again in February.  For more details click here.

{DEAL}  $200 off until Dec, 31, 2016 ($347 vs. reg. price $547 + HST).  Click button below to access offer and reserve a spot.  Email with ANY questions.

I’d love to know what you have on your wish list!