Oh goodness. The nesting phase is kicking in early (or at least something like it).  With Baby Binns #3 making an appearance in 3 months I’m wondering how we’re going to survive mealtimes.  I already have two little ones vying for my attention while prepping dinner, so with a baby in my arms (or my carrier) I can sense the craziness that will unfold at 5pm.

That’s where healthy one pot meals come to the rescue!

Healthy one pot meals


I had a little taste of what life would be like with multiple kiddos at the cottage this weekend. While there were 5 super cute kids and 4 fully capable adults, the kitchen got a wee bit crazy whipping up a variety of dishes at meals.  So, in anticipation of the mealtime madness at home with my own three kids, I’m trying to get prepared – mentally and logistically.  Whatever it takes to not want to throw in the towel and grab takeout at Fresh, Tabule, or one of our other healthy faves on those crazy nights.

Simplifying meals is so key right now, and it will be in a few months when our family grows to five.  Hence, I’ve been jotting down any healthy one pot meals to save my sanity come November.  So many reasons to love them other than making me feel a little more sane.

  • They have protein, carbs and fat, making them a complete meal.
  • They are simple to make (take less than 30 minutes from start to finish).
  • They require few ingredients.
  • They are all made in one pot (read: fewer dirty dishes)!

And of course, they are all nutritionist-approved (by moi).


One pot meals = every parent’s dream dinner.  

So while I personally prepare for our new life, I wanted share the love with these delicious and healthy one pot meals.


15 Healthy One Pot Meals

 Healthy One Pot Meals
One of the simplest meals that come together in a manner of minutes. Perfect on a sizzling summer day, and make great leftovers.
Healthy One Pot Meals



Taco Soup 

This one pot dish has all your protein, fats and carbs. It keeps you feeling fuller longer and is just so tasty!



healthy one pot meals


Chicken and Zucchini Tex Mex 

Another simple one pot meal that’s loaded with colours. The cheese can be omitted for a dairy – free option. 

Research shows that kids between the ages of 2 and 5 choose foods based on their appearance first.  Something tells me this beautiful dish will be a winner (and score points for ‘good looks’) with my little ones.
Healthy one pot family meals
A super simple recipe that’s great for introducing your young ones to veggies! This dish is protein packed without too many complex flavours, keeping your kiddos full and happy.
Healthy One Pot Meals

Tomato Basil Lentil Pasta

It may seem like your everyday run-of-the-mill pasta, but there’s a secret ingredient that makes it extraordinary. LENTIL PASTA! Yup, the pasta is actually made from lentils, providing protein and fibre without being too suspicious, but still scrumptious.

Healthy One Pot Meals