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“You were totally right. It’s been 2 days and my picky, sensory eater is excited about meal times for the first time ever! He absolutely loves it. He tastes things he’s never considered before to get the “data” for the placemat. Since we got him the placement he’s tried everything. It’s just amazing”.

– Heather Reiser (Mom of 8 year old – Edmonton, Canada)

Psst… take a sneak peek!

Helpful Step-By-Step How-To Guide for Adults
Easy-to-Clean & Reusable Placemat
Fun Food Explorer Game on the Front
Educational Balanced Meals Game on the Back
Tracking Sheets to Record Foods Explored

How The Magic Happens:

  1. Simply bring out your mat anytime you’d like your child to explore a new or rejected food.
  2. Let them follow along the game path using their senses to explore each food’s characteristics (using dry-erase crayons or markers).
  3. Then, celebrate as you watch your child have fun exploring and try foods without a fight!

Is your child a Curious Cookie?

A Curious Cookie eater is not:

  • A child who yells YUCK or I’m not eating that! at the first sight of a new food.
  • A child who wants the same favourite foods over and over.
  • A child who gets upset seeing new foods on their plate.
  • A child who pushes unwanted foods away without giving them a chance.

A Curious Cookie eater is:

  • A child who says I like the way this food smells, looks, or tastes.
  • A child who’s willing to try new foods without a fight.
  • A child who gets excited about bringing new foods to the table to explore.
  • A child who uses their senses to help them learn to like new foods.

If your child isn’t a Curious Cookie eater yet, don’t worry.

The Curious Cookie Placemat  has you covered!

Introducing the Curious Cookie Placemat that’s changing mealtimes everywhere.

Discover the innovative reusable, wipeable, portable, and FUN placemat that transforms kids (even the pickiest eaters!) into explorers who are ready to try foods faster than ever… including foods they would never try before.

Top 3 reasons the Curious Cookie Mat is changing family mealtimes forever:


Kids usually have very little control during mealtimes – adults decide when, what, and even how they eat (i.e., ”If you eat your broccoli, you can have dessert”). Hence the power struggle.
The Curious Cookie Mat encourages food exploration in a pressure-free & fun way – so children finally get control over how they interact with foods. Watch the power struggles disappear – POOF!


You work so hard getting your child to eat (bribing, negotiating, making multiple meals), only to have food wasted again.
The Curious Cookie Mat creates a stress-free and positive meal environment. Kids follow the path and magically, learn to like the food in front of them. So you can enjoy your own meal for a change!


Your child might eat better in front of the TV or with other distractions. But you want meals to be a time for the family to connect.
The Curious Cookie Mat provides education – and entertainment – at the table. Finally, your child will want to stay put! And meal time will become family time.

“I love your products. I have had great success with the placemat which I give to my grandson, Oscar each time that he eats at our house. He loves being a scientist and describing his food. He is 5 only, so he is just learning to read and write. Thank you!”

 – Moira (Grandma of 5 year old – Brisbane, Australia)

Ready to raise a Curious Cookie?

Find the perfect package for you and your child.

“It really did work! My picky eater (4 yrs old) started to try things so we could record it, I was so pleasantly surprised!”

– Teresa Torres (mom of 4 year old – California, USA)

Everything You Get With Your Curious Cookie Placemat

Easy-to-Clean & Reusable Placemat

  • It’s FUN! – This 12″ x 18″ laminated 2-sided mat has a Fun Food Explorer Game on the front that takes your child on a fun food journey – to Appearance Town, Textureville, Smelltown, The Town of Sounds, and Taste Ville.
  • It’s REUSABLE! – The mat works perfectly with dry-erase markers or crayons and can easily be wiped clean for the next food to be explored.
  • It’s CONVENIENT! – The mat takes up virtually no space. Simply slide it into a drawer or keep it on the counter for impromptu food exploration!


BONUS #1 - Balanced Meal Placemat

“I’m Learning to Like Balanced Meals” – Colouring Mat

Flip your placemat over for a surprise!

Let your little one colour in the cute food characters. Or let your older child use it to learn what goes into a balanced meal. It’s a clever way to prompt them to explore more veggies or protein!

BONUS #2 - The How-To Guide

Helpful Step-By-Step Guide for Parents and Caregivers.

Get simple tips and instructions to get the most out of the placemat. You won’t have to worry about saying the wrong things to your child.

BONUS #3 - Food Tracking Sheet (includes 50+ foods)

Populated Tracking Sheet to Record and Celebrate Foods Explored

Includes over 50 nutrient-dense foods to keep a record of all the foods your child explores. So you can get insight into their sensory preferences (and dislikes).

BONUS #4 - Food Tracking Sheet (customizable)

Blank Tracking Sheet to Record and Celebrate More Foods Explored

This Tracking Sheet has space to record over 30 additional foods not listed. You’ll also get tips for selecting which foods to explore and how to accelerate your child’s acceptance of foods.

BONUS #5 - 8 Colourful Dry-Erase Crayons

Includes E-Z Cloth for ease of cleaning your reusable placemat.

Eating isn’t easy! Kids need help getting curious about food —  that’s why we’re here!

Expert Tip: If kids don’t like the way a food looks or feels or smells, that food won’t make it to their mouth. So, the more curious your child becomes about food, the more likely they will be to try it — without bribing or begging! Kids learn through play and exploration and food is the most sensory experience they have.

Frequently Asked Curious Cookie Mat Questions:

Why are your mats named “curious cookie” and not “curious cauliflower”?
Well, cookies are a food most children enjoy that don’t get pushed away. From carrot or zucchini cookies to coconut and chickpea, kids quickly learn that cookies can be healthy and healthy food can taste good. That’s why our Curious Cookie Mats are a perfect launch pad for expanding your child’s food list.
Who is the Curious Cookie Mat for?
Any child who likes to have fun, and any adult who would like to see their child be more open to trying and exploring foods.
Is the mat only for picky eaters?
Nope! While it works very (very) well with picky and even the most selective eaters, the Curious Cookie Mat works to make all young eaters into food adventurers and explorers.
What is the best age for the Curious Cookie mat?
Ages 3 to 9 years old.
Does it work with children with ASD / ADHD / ADD?

Yes! We’ve had many success stories from neuro divergent children when they use the mat. 

Meet Danielle Binns, CNP, BA

Danielle Binns with kids

“I’m a curious mom of three and a Certified Nutritionist who was determined to find a way to help my underweight, failure to thrive, very picky daughter flourish. I tried everything – chasing her around with a spoon, bribing with desserts, making just what my daughter would eat. But, after getting certified in children’s feeding, taking numerous courses, and working with thousands of families, I figured out what was missing at mealtimes!

That’s when I created a protocol for my daughter, and eventually an entire mealtime tool (formerly known as the Superpower Foods placemat). After 2 years of overwhelming responses from families sharing mealtime wins, I decided to create a new and improved version of the mat, which is now known as the Curious Cookie Mat!

I’m so thrilled to be able to share this with you, and transform your child into a curious cookie – and an adventurous eater.”

More mealtime magic. Thanks to the Curious Cookie Placemat.

“My kids have really been enjoying the placemats – they are pretty genius.”

– Cigall Goldman (New York, USA)

“Fynn got really picky around 2 and starting only liking beige foods and would drop foods completely. It was just so frustrating. He became so specific he wanted pasta with cheese but not macaroni and cheese.

After a lot of web searching, I came across your site. You seemed so friendly, honest and had gone through it yourself. I loved your free training.

So I got your placemat and he LOVES it. He tasted beetroot and said ‘I love beetroot’ while excitedly filling out all the boxes, Jerusalem artichoke soup, sausage, and ate the foods he normally picks at so much more readily.

He also sat at the table longer. It’s a total game-changer. The great thing is even though he didn’t like the soup flavor he decided he likes soup! And almost everything got an “I like it today” even if he didn’t eat it all. I’m looking forward to learning more from you. I’m so happy and so grateful to you. Thank you so much!”

Alysia Thoman (London, UK) 

“I’ve been moaning about him not eating meal, and then tonight (using the placemat) he tried (and loved) Ikea meatballs, baby corn, and a little bit of sweet potato and spinach burger. #win”

– Anonymous

The placemat works really well. I was the one that gave up because I thought it was taking forever to eat when using it…but now I see it is worth investing the time. Haha! Now when my daughter sees a new food she will ask me to take the placemat out! Yesterday she did it with tomato.”

Maude Poirier (Vancouver, Canada) 

“It’s working!! It’s baby steps but it’s happening. Tonight I roasted cauliflower. All 3 of the kids made “yucky” noises until I put down the placemat. They all got to work quickly and without prompting they took a bite – even my 8 year old eater of 5 things. My heart is singing. “

– Melissa Leon (Arizona, USA)

It really did work!  My picky eater (4 years old) started to try things so we could record it.  I was so pleasantly surprised!”

– Teresa Torres (California, USA)

“GUESS WHAT!! Dr. Derek, Food Scientist (8 years old) willingly put a carrot in his mouth.”

– Lisa Rhonin (mom of 8 year old – Vancouver B.C.)

The placemat is a BIG HIT! We’ve tried it with 2 foods the fussy one likes and 1 he doesn’t. All 3 times were fun and definitely got him engaged in the food. We all have been really enjoying meal times so much more. Thank you!”

– Abigail Manders (London, UK)

“Had a great time playing with our bell peppers this morning. So proud of this boy. After 15 minutes of exploring he actually ate a bite of each colour! The placemat helped tremendously. He got so into it, he even suggested that we plant the seeds in a pot in our backyards!”

– Necia Bonner (Texas, USA)

“We have gone from picky eaters to food scientists. We still have a ways to go, but we’ve at least been getting the food to their mouths and every third time they find out that they like it – that’s a massive improvement and it’s only been a month.”

– Kristine Beese (Ontario, Canada)

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