Full disclosure.  Mornings are usually a little messy over here as everyone rolls themselves out of beds and cribs (often feeling hangry).  We’ve all been fasting through the night and are more than ready to refuel our bodies and refill our bellies.  Patience is a virtue although it’s not something our kids have much of.

The want breakfast. NOW.

And we have to come up with an edible solution. FAST.

Especially when Sienna was her pickier-self.  She had no appetite in the morning (not the case anymore!) and breakfast options were limited.  I was desperate for healthy breakfast ideas for picky eaters but I was too darn exhausted to search.  So I stuck to the staples.

Now, my kids want to eat ASAP and often aren’t willing to wait and get some clothes.  So naked breakfasts are not unusual!

Healthy Breakfast ideas for picky eaters

To avoid the potential of early morning tantrums, I have a tendency to reach into the cupboards and grab Mary’s crackers to accompany some hummus, or pull out the ol’ Yoso Coconut yogurt from the fridge with some fruit.  It gets repetitive.

But I get it!  When you have a picky eater, options aren’t that vast.  At least not the healthy ones.

healthy breakfasts picky eaters

In the morning it’s important to get our family off the right foot with the food they eat.  A sugar-based cereal is going to send their blood sugar way up there and won’t keep them satiated for a good period of time.

Even with picky eaters, we can still spice things up in the mornings and do so with a nutrient-punch.  All of the breakfast ideas below include some healthy fats (our little ones need about 30% fat from their caloric intake), healthy proteins (to help them grow, keep immunity strong, among many other things), and of course healthy carbs (no processed flour here!).

Looking for more?  Grab my cheatsheet with 10 Quick Breakfasts for Family (5 ingredients or less).

6 Healthy Breakfasts for Picky Eaters 

3 Ingredient Pancakes

Healthy Breakfast ideas for picky eaters

I love this recipe so much it’s at the top of my list AND even made it on to my business cards.  Most kids love pancakes.  Yet most pancakes are made of simple carbs, which sets our blood sugar on the wrong path for the day.  These pancakes are made with banana + eggs and an optional add-in like chia seeds, oats, cinnamon, ground flax, etc.    Here’s another oat-based recipe if grain-free isn’t your thing.

Breakfast Cookies

There’s no shortage of cookie recipes, but this one is different.  It’s a grain-free, gluten-free and dairy-free recipe that you can quickly mash and mix, then throw in the toaster oven.  Go ahead and get creative with the ingredients. If your little one is old enough (and you’re not late for daycare/school/work) let them decide what goes in!

Egg Muffins

Healthy Breakfast ideas for picky eaters

Scrambled eggs are getting a little boring over here (the girls love ’em but selfishly, I need to make things exciting again).  This egg recipe is similar to an omelet, just in the shape of a muffin. Easy to grab and go for those rushed mornings.  Make a batch the night before or freeze them for future mornings.  For the pickier eater, remove the fixings and go with a simple egg omelette muffin (with or without cheese).

Banana Bites

Easiest breakfast EVER.  A little breakfast sandwich with out the bread.  They can also be thrown in the freezer for a frozen treat.  Just use slices of a banana to sandwich your nut or seed butter of choice.  Poke them with a toothpick if you like as well.

P.S.  If Sienna’s bodice looks a little lopsided it’s because she’s sporting one of my bras.  I keep telling myself it’s just a stage 🙂

Oatmeal Scramble

healthy breakfast for kids

I discovered this recipe within the past year and am so grateful to have an oatmeal option that is also protein-packed. Throw all 5 ingredients into a small pan and 5 minutes later your sweet warm breakfast will be on the table.  Admittedly, this is more ‘advanced’ for your fussier eaters because of the texture, but it’s one they may slowly learn to like if offered in small amounts (start with a small amount on a spoon or in a shot glass).

Smoothie Sundae 

Healthy breakfasts for picky eaters

Make a smoothie base (using less liquid so it can be eaten with a spoon).  Then set out some of their favourite foods (and new foods) as topping options or ‘sprinkles’ for their smoothie bowls.

  • Chia seed (“black sprinkles”)
  • Hemp seeds (“white sprinkles”)
  • Berries
  • Banana
  • Granola
  • Shredded coconut (“snow”)
  • Chocolate chips

If they JUST want to eat the toppings (or just the smoothie base), that’s fine too.  They can slurp it, spit with with a straw or use a spoon.   Here’s how to build your own smoothie bowl.

Have other favourites>?  Share them below!