As much as I enjoy writing these posts, let’s switch things up!   You get to listen to me instead.   I get pretty passionate about picky eating, and you’ll sense that in my voice I’m sure (haha).  In this interview with the Real Food Mamas Podcast, I share a slew of advice and picky eating tips like this

The nice thing is that you can just pop in your ear phones, close your eyes, and have a listen tonight (no reading required).   Or perhaps play the podcast on your drive home from work and make good use of your time in transit.

Stephanie (from Real Food Mamas) and I had so much fun chatting.   We keep going and going, then realized we covered enough content for two episodes.  So here’s part 1 and part 2.

Real Food Mamas Podcast

It was too easy to forget that while it was just Stephanie and I that afternoon, there would be hundreds…thousands of moms listening a few short weeks later.

I know this because I continue to see my free Picky Eating 101 Cheat Sheet being downloaded months later.

What has been really wonderful though, is having mothers continue to reach out to me since the podcasts aired.  Some to learn more about my programs and how to get their meals on a better (stress-free) path.  Others to simply to thank me for sharing my story and for helping them realize they are not alone.   I was equally as grateful – those small notes go a long way.

Here’s what you will learn in Podcast #1:

  • How to identify if your child is a “picky eater,” a “problem eater,”
  • Is picky eating just a phase
  • How a mom’s diet while pregnant and nursing can influence a child’s taste preferences
  • What “typical” eating looks like for a child
  • What my kids eat
  • Common mistakes parents make with picky eaters.

To summarize: you’ll walk alway from this episode equipped with tons of strategies for making healthy eating more fun and less stressful.

Have a listen and don’t forget to download your free Cheatsheet!