P.C.O.S.   It’s a simple acronym for a complicated medical condition.  If you’re a follower at my former blog (me. myself. and food.) this is likely not the first time you’ve encountered these four letters.   PCOS is a health condition that is top of mind for me, especially since receiving my PCOS diagnosis 6 years ago.

The more I educated myself on this endocrine disorder, the more fearful I was (i.e. of not being able to get pregnant and other health risks), yet the more determined I became to understand and overcome it.

I studied and experimented with different dietary and lifestyle changes, and in just a few months I reversed PCOS.  The proof?  Well, my ovarian cysts disappeared, and more importantly I got pregnant (TWICE!).  And as you know, I gave birth to two amazing little girls (note:  PCOS is often an underlying cause of infertility).

Danielle Binns pregnant

A few years ago while I was studying at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, I did a short presentation on the basics of PCOS which I wanted to share with all the ladies in my life.   The more I speak with women the more I realize how common this condition is becoming, and given the odds (1 in 10 women have the disorder), there’s a good chance you have a friend, sister, cousin, colleague, etc. with PCOS…or are dealing with the diagnosis yourself.

So I am going off topic today, taking a break from the mommy mantras, nutrition tips, and healthy recipes.

Instead, here’s a short and sweet presentation on this not-so-sweet condition.   If you have a loved one with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) feel free to pass this along.  And if they need help figuring out how to get their ovaries healthy again, I’d be happy to show them the way.   As always, you can contact me here.