You don’t have to be Gaston from Beauty and the Beast to eat lots of eggs. While his diet of 5 dozen eggs every morning is excessive, eggs can make an amazing addition to any breakfast! Including protein in your family’s breakfast means blood sugars will be stable and you’re less likely to be met with tantrums (from your kids) and energy lows (for you). These 11 egg recipes are ones you’ll want on hand for breakfast, lunch…and why not dinner too!

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Eating eggs doesn’t need to be boring. There are tons of ways to creatively incorporate eggs into your diet. Despite what rumours may lead you to believe, eggs are actually one of the most nutritious foods in the world—some sources even say they can help with weight loss (despite Gaston’s claim that it made him large). 

Egg quality and source matter!

We actually don’t eat store-bought eggs. Instead, we try to support our local farms with the added bonus of less cholesterol and saturated fats, and more Omega-3. Organic, pasteurized eggs are more nutritious.  

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Whole eggs in a cartoon

Egg yolks are the most nutritious part of the egg.

According to Healthline, yolks are:

  • healthier and more nutritious
  • contain tons of vitamins and minerals
  • carry healthy fats
  • and protect your eyes and decrease the risk of eye diseases due to the antioxidants: lutein and zeaxanthin 

We go through eggs quickly in our household. We shamelessly eat through 2 to 3 flats of eggs every month. 

Do we get sick of them? 


We switch up the ways we eat them to keep things fun. Healthy eating is all about creativity. No one wants to eat the same meals every day. While we can enjoy the same ingredients, it’s way more fun if we find different ways to eat it (it also allows your little ones different ways to try it out).

How many ways do you cook eggs?

On my Instagram, I asked what recipes you’d like to see. 

Below I’m sharing all the ways we eat our (fresh from the farm) eggs. These meals take almost no time to make. 

11 Delicious Ways To Cook Eggs

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1. Curry scrambled eggs 

We’re starting off simple with this one. You’ll notice with many of the recipes included, it’ll all be about adding or changing a few things to make foods more fun. As you scramble your eggs, sprinkle a bit of curry powder on them. The added spice gives the eggs a nice kick.


Pancakes topped with sliced bananas and blueberries

2. Two ingredient banana pancakes

I love this one because it’s simple and yummy. All you need to do is mix two eggs and one banana until smooth. Then cook it up in a frying pan! They are thinner than regular pancakes—more like a crepe. If you abhor breakfasts that take forever, this one’s for you.

@lisalberts said she’s done it with sweet potatoes: simply blend the eggs and sweet potato into a puree. Sounds healthy!

 3. Green pancakes

Whenever food is green, it just screams good for you. These pancakes mix spinach and eggs, along with some other bonding ingredients, to create a tasty treat.  There are so many variations, from gluten-free green pancakes to 3 ingredient pancakes.  Here’s a recipe from the Wholesome Fork. If you’re more of a waffles person, check out our “Green Smoothie Waffles” recipe. 


Blueberry muffins on a rack

4. Coconut flour muffins 

Perfect, natural sweetness coupled with the springy texture make these muffins a household favourite. This recipe requires a lot more eggs due to the absorption properties of coconut flour, but it is completely worth it. 


Curious Cookie


5. Flour-free crepes

I know I said most of these are good for breakfast, but we love this one for dessert as well (and snacks, because why not?). The consistency is thinner than regular crepes but savoury. 


6. Hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are a classic, but they can be a bit tricky in making them perfectly. Eating a hard-boiled egg alone may feel weird, so you can also create different variations. They are filling. To mix it up, you can make deviled eggs or egg salad. 


Baked sweet potato on a chopping board, sprinkled with cinnamon

7. Sweet Potato Toast (with a fried egg on top)

This recipe is less complicated than actually baking bread, and it’s a delicious gluten-free alternative. Slice up your orange or red sweet potatoes, bake them in the oven for 30 minutes, and add your favourite toppings. You can toast the sweet potato too, but it takes a bit longer. For toppings, you can crack an egg, fry it and put it on your toasted/baked sweet potato slice!

8. Meatloaf

Crack a few eggs into the meat mix to help bind it. The eggs act as glue and add nutrition value.

9. Bacon wrapped egg muffins

If your kids are anything like mine, they probably love bacon. This is a great trick if your little one is hesitant about eggs: wrapping an egg muffin with bacon gives them another way to try it out. You can add many healthy ingredients to it as well: I love adding spinach.


11th egg recipe: omelette with green onions and red peppers

10. Omelette

A classic but staple in any household.  We load ours up with veggies, and sometimes cheese too (which always makes the kids excited – they never turn down eggs with cheese!).


11. Cauliflower fried “rice” (or regular fried rice) with eggs 

For an appetizing twist to a favourite, use shredded cauliflower as a substitute for rice. Cauliflower contains fewer calories and more vitamins than rice. It doesn’t taste exactly like fried rice but, with the right spices, it is a filling meal. If you miss real rice, regular fried rice works as well.  Scramble in some eggs and you’ve got yourself some protein!

And because we can’t get enough eggs over here, check out this bonus recipe for Green Eggs.

healthy breakfast for picky eater

What do you think of these tasty egg recipes?

Did I miss any tasty ways to use eggs? 

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