Chefs Plate Meal Delivery Service


No shopping.  Simple food prep.  No food waste.  These are just a few of the reasons I decided to try Chefs Plate meal delivery service.  If your food-loving family is looking for a way to simplify meals, check out my review below.


Chefs Plate meal delivery review


Chefs Plate is best for people who:

  • Are foodies and want to stretch their palates with interesting dishes and flavours.  All of which are Chef-inspired. Oh, and Chefs Plate is the leading meal kit delivering Coast to Coast, so you can’t go wrong!
  • Prefer homemade vs. takeout but have NO time to cook.  Chefs Plate is the only meal kit company to offer 15-minute meals that are healthy, delicious, and offered for both 2 person and family plans.  Although, I tend to be slow in the kitchen so meals took me a bit longer than stipulated.
  • Have children that prefer their foods separate. Most dishes with Chefs Plate come with an individual protein, starch, and veg. Much easier than having to deconstruct the meal and pull the carrots out of the curry for your child.
  • Don’t have dietary restrictions.  While there are gluten and dairy-free options, there are not enough of them.  Hence the inclusion of the Pasta Mushroom Bake in our week of meals.  Let’s be clear though…I was NOT complaining, as this was one of my fave dishes.  That said, they make it easy for you to know which ones to avoid with allergen info on each recipe.  All relevant recipes are labelled as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, etc.



What we ate:

Montreal Spiced Pork Chops with purple potatoes and cabbage slaw (see it on Instagram)

Chicken Japanese Yakitori Skewers with rice and snap peas and broccoli (see it on Instagram)

meal delivery toronto review

Seared Chicken and Leeks with salad and mashed potatoes

meal delivery toronto review

Creamy Mushroom Pasta Bake with king oyster mushrooms (see it on Instagram)

Chef's Plate Meal Delivery toronto


The winning meals from Chefs Plate:

It was a toss-up!  Everyone had their favourite.

  • The parents: Seared Chicken and Leeks, AND that Mushroom Bake with the fresh noodles…mmm.  I’m salivating just thinking about it.  You see, I rarely have true wheat-based pasta these days, so this dish sucked me right back into gluten-loving land. And I enjoyed every minute of it.
  • The kids: Chicken Yakitori all the way.  It was familiar (chicken, broccoli, snap peas…nothing unusual here). The flavour was kid-pleasing. The chicken was on a skewer (kids love this!).  Sienna couldn’t even wait for the food to get to the table.



Why it’s perfect for families:

  • 15-minute meals:  Woohoo!  These are our go-to’s on karate nights when we only have 30 minutes to cook AND eat.
  • Practice round: You can hang on to their recipe cards and replicate the meal again (this time you’ll be a pro and know how much to buy having done it once already).  Even with the kids distracting you in the background.
  • No waste:  Throwing food out is my nemesis. Nothing goes bad in our fridge because we/I eat it all (even if I’m not hungry which I don’t recommend!).  Chefs Plate only gives you the ingredients you need in the right amounts. Side note: there is a lot of plastic waste which I could do without. However, it is all recyclable.
  • Local: Ingredients are sourced directly from farmers/suppliers.
  • Nutrient-rich: Because you’re preparing meals with fresh ingredients, you ensure that important nutrients aren’t lost.


Meal delivery toronto


How much does Chefs Plate cost?

Chefs Plate meal delivery service has two plans – 2 Person and Family (4 Person) Meals.  Below is the pricing for both.

  • Price per serving (2 Person):  $10.95
  • Price per serving (Family – 4 Person): $9.75
  • Price for 4 full meals on Family Plan (4 Person): $156


Want to try Chefs Plate? 

Here’s your exclusive discount:

Get 50% Off your first order with Promo code: BINNSCP50 

Note: you have the opportunity to try every meal delivery service at a discount!  You can find your promo codes here in each review.


Have you tried Chefs Plate meal delivery service?  Let me know what you thought below!




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