When I ran the Picky Eater Protocol (PEP) in January I knew the program was powerful (give our success with Sienna and other families).  I also knew moms who participated saw some amazing improvements with their little ones (and former picky eaters).

The Picky Eater Protocol feedback from participants was incredibly positive (with lot’s of “thank you’s”) and that was wonderful.

However, I honestly did not expect this feedback…

That every single mother said they would recommend the Picky Eater Protocol to other parents.   I had goosebumps everywhere.picky eater protocol feedback

That’s when I knew I had to do it again.  And I am!

Starting on June 16th, 2016.

Except this time I’ve taken all the feedback and ideas from previous parents and made the Picky Eater Protocol that much better.

For instance:

  • Extended the program from 4 to 6 weeks so that parent’s don’t feel rushed (and you get more hand holding from me).
  • Included a free LIVE group chat for some deeper Q&A during the program.
  • Brought in other parenting experts with fantastic ideas for mealtimes.
  • Included free meal planning (4 weeks of healthy, family-friendly meals) for those who register before June 13th.

Yet I kept everything that parents loved about it:

  • The step-by-step simple (yet super effective) strategies
  • The weekly guidance from me (so you know EXACTLY what to do and how)
  • The Facebook group and daily support from myself and other parents
  • The Videos, Worksheets, Cheat Sheets, Checklists to help you simply implement the strategies

Plus I’ve added a few amazing bonuses.  You can check it all out here.

Picky Eater Protocol feedback

Truthfully though – while the program was created to help other moms (and it surely did), I think I got just as much value out of it.

Seeing Facebook posts like this:

Picky Eater Protocol

Receiving messages like this:

Thank you Danielle! You are a wealth of knowledge and PEP was life changing for us!

And reading something as powerful as this:

Do you have a picky eater?

There’s NOTHING more rewarding.

So while all these mothers are all thanking me for dramatically improving their mealtimes with the Picky Eater Protocol.  I actually need to thank them for reminding me why I walked away from my corporate career to help other moms in my old shoes.

And thank you to those who have already joined the next round of the PEP, starting on June 16th.  We’re going to do great things together.