You’re a mom who prioritizes the health of your family, but despite your best efforts you still worry about your child’s eating.  And you can’t seem to get your own health to a happy place.


  • Concerned that your child is a ‘picky eater’ or a ‘problem feeder’?
  • Questioning whether your toddler is getting enough of the right nutrients? 
  • Drowning in a sea of health advice and not sure which is best for your baby?
  • Tired of searching for effective natural solutions for childhood ailments (coughs, colds, eczema…)?
  • Worried because your child is near the bottom of the growth chart?
  • Comparing your little one to other babies who eat better or grow faster?
  • Stressed out, sleeping poorly, anxious to get back to ‘yourself’?
  • Having a hard time seeing the joy of motherhood through all the challenges?

If you answered yes to any of the above we should connect.

I have been there and I get it.

You might be telling yourself you’re not the right mother for your child.  That someone else could be doing it better.

 I feel like I’m doing something wrong – what if I screw up?

Shouldn’t feeding be easy and natural?

Why isn’t she growing like the other babies?

Will it ever get better?   I just need a break from all this.

I feel like I’m failing as a mom…and just want someone to help me fix this. 

That’s what I’m here for.

Motherhood is tough, even for moms with a so-called “easy baby”.  But when your child is often sick, or maybe seems small for his/her age, or doesn’t eat well, stress levels skyrocket.  You keep worrying about whether you even need to be worried (Is she getting enough of the right foods?  How do I help him thrive and stay healthy the natural way?).  You might feel overwhelmed and unsure with the guidance from your doctor, family, and friends.  What do you and your little one REALLY need?

 But it doesn’t have to be THIS hard. 

Are you doing everything wrong?  NO!

Are you a fantastic mom and the best one for your child?  YES!

How do I know?  Well for one thing, you’re here to help your baby…aren’t you?

Hi, I’m Danielle and welcome to my happy place (soon to be yours too).  

I’m a Certified Nutritionist (CNP), and a mom with a wee one (really wee).  I have been in your shoes…and they were not easy to walk in.

As a nutritionist, I’ve always had a passion for helping others achieve health and happiness.  But when motherhood threw me a curve ball (and nearly knocked me out), I knew I needed to help other moms like me, with other problem feeders or underweight babies like our little Sienna.

When our daughter was labelled IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction), SGA (Small for Gestational Age) and FTT (Failure to Thrive) I was devastated. There were MANY dark days as we struggled with nursing, feeding, frequent vomiting, extreme sleep deprivation, and weigh-ins below the 0 percentile. I spent virtually every waking moment obsessing over her growth and health, convincing myself I was screwing up as her mother.

But I want you to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your baby.

In fact, I’ve made it my mission to help moms see their little ones and their challenges – big or small – through a more colourful lens in a whole-istic way.

 With my nutrition certifications and access to resources/experts in pediatric health, I developed feeding strategies (the right frequencies, nutrients, and quantities) to ensure my daughter was getting the absolute best, even if it was in small amounts. This expertise served us well as Sienna continues to exceed medical expectations with her growth and health.

Your baby can thrive within their potential too.


My holistic programs are all about being whole-istic. I take a wholesome and balanced approach to health by combining evidence-based natural, nutritional, and medical solutions where required.  While I am a Holistic Nutritionist who is passionate using about ‘natural remedies’, there is a place for conventional medicine.  Hence, my whole-istic programs are customized with the BEST solutions – natural or conventional – based on each client’s needs.


“Holistic Health & Nutrition Solutions”

Whether it’s a typical childhood ailment (like ear infections, eczema, diaper rashes, etc.) or mommy-related health concern (clogged ducts, low milk supply, baby blues, etc.) we will find solutions that work for you. I also get intimate with your child’s food and drink intake (as well as mom’s intake) to ensure you are both getting proper nutrition.

“Evidence-Based Feeding Strategies”

Nutritional advice and recommendations for dealing with picky eaters are plentiful – and often contradictory.  I approach nutrition and feeding challenges using tools that have been tried, tested and validated through research.  So you can feel confident and be consistent in your approach at mealtimes.

“Mommy Sanity Support”

Taking care of yourself (mom) is part of taking care of your kids.  The days can be draining and take a toll on mom’s health and ability to enjoy her child.  So I make sure she feels energized, healthy, confident and connected with nutrition protocols and other support.  I help moms see the light – I help them see the challenges of motherhood in a bright and colourful way.

 I created the these three packages for you

From one mom – who has been there and gets it – to another.



Premium Package for Moms + “Little Ones”

(3 Months.  6 Sessions.  Unlimited support.)

A 360 customized program for both you and your child –  includes health, nutrition, wellness, and mommy sanity solutions.  Read more.




Just for “Little Ones”

(3 Months.  6 Sessions.  Unlimited support.)

Helping children thrive with proven feeding, health, and nutrition solutions. Read more.




Just for Mom

(3 Months.  6 Sessions.  Unlimited Support.)

The go-to for exhausted moms who want to get their health on track – provides health-boosting and stress-busting solutions.  Read more.


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