I designed this program to provide mothers with virtually anything they need to feel good about their little one’s health, feeding and growth.

Unlike other nutrition services, I’m equally as focused on mom’s health and happiness. We’ll spend time tweaking her nutrition and mindset, so she can start seeing motherhood in a confident and colourful way.

Over the years, I have invested countless hours researching the best ways to help babies and toddlers thrive – especially those who don’t eat or seem to grow as well as other children their age.   At the same time, I’ve gathered solutions to support overwhelmed moms who can’t find time to take care of themselves.


You’ll get a slew of holistic solutions (for whatever health concerns are on your mind), nutrient dense meal plans (for you and little one), evidence-based feeding strategies (setting up your baby for success in the long-run, while creating a positive relationship with food), connections (including access to other moms like you and access to relevant resources), plus you will never feel alone (working together means you will always have someone to reach out to whether you are losing sleep…or losing your mind. I’m just a phone call or email away).

So you can finally spend less time searching and stressing, and more time embracing those precious moments with your little one.


  • Six 60 minute sessions over 3 months (every 2 weeks or as you need them).
  • Sessions held over Skype or in-person where possible. So you never have to leave your home!
  • Session are planned around your schedule (morning, day, or night).
  • Following each session you will receive your “Healthy Baby Blueprint”– includes a customized protocol with relevant recommendations for you and your little one.
  • Unlimited emails for the length of the program (you can expect a response within 24 hours). Like I said, you’re not alone!


Help me get to know you and your precious ‘little one’ during our comprehensive intake session.

Review mom’s current/past physical and emotional health status including fitness, sleep, and stress levels.

Assessment of mom’s overall nutrition including supplementation, medication, and diet.

Review mom’s prenatal, labour, and postnatal history.

Review child’s health, growth & development, feeding stage, and nutritional intake.

Understanding mom’s pain points, main concerns, and health goals for herself and her child.


Over the remaining sessions we will cover the following:


A healthy & happy child

“A mother’s feelings of nurturing and parental adequacy are connected to her child’s eating.” – Suzanne Evans Morris

  • Whether your little one is a ‘picky eater’ or ‘problem feeder’
  • Evidence-based feeding strategies to improve your child’s intake
  • Best feeding schedule for your child (how often, how long, where to feed)
  • Why your little one avoids certain foods (and how to increase variety)
  • How to make mealtimes enjoyable
  • Ways to improve your child’s appetite
  • Determining your child’s target adult height (are they on track?)
  • Understanding growth charts and if you ‘little one’ is truly too little
  • Nutrient-dense + simple recipes (for everyone in the family)
  • How to ensure your little one is getting enough of the right nutrients
  • Step-by-step guidance on introducing solids
  • How to prevent and address potential allergies
  • Ways to keep your child healthy and cold/flu-free
  • Best natural remedies for any health concerns (eczema, gas, diarrhea, you name it…)



A healthy & happy mom

Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your baby” – source unknown

  • Ensure you are getting enough of the right nutrients
  • Optimized diet for breastfeeding and achieving a healthy milk supply
  • Sleep-boosting solutions (and why lack of sleep affects your weight and sanity)
  • Stress-busting solutions (and why stress affects your weight and everything else!)
  • Energy-building solutions (so you can keep up with your little one)
  • How to get back to your pre-pregnancy or optimal weight
  • Ways to connect with other moms with little ones
  • Nutrition protocol to address any health concerns
  • How to determine what foods are off limits your breastfed baby


With my help, you will go from…


  • Helpless to Hopeful (you will have access to solutions that work)
  • Panicked to Peace of mind (you’ve got someone with experience and expertise by your side)
  • Confused to Confident (you are doing the right things and can stop doubting yourself)
  • Exhausted to Energized (your energy can be diverted to what really matters – enjoying your child)
  • Alone to Connected (you will be surrounded by other moms who get you, your challenges and celebrations)

And your days will go from long and bleak to colourful.



Premium Package for Parents + Kids

(6 Months.  6 Sessions.  Unlimited support.)

A 360 customized program for you and your child –  includes mealtime & picky eating solutions, as well as nutrition and wellness strategies.  Read more.




For your Child

(3 Months.  3 Sessions.  Unlimited support.)

Helping your child thrive with proven nutrition, mealtime and picky eating solutions - no matter their size. Read more.




For Parents

(3 Months.  3 Sessions.  Unlimited Support.)

Helping you become a healthy role model for your child  – includes simple nutrition, stress management, and wellness strategies.  Read more.


You’re not alone! Join other moms who are health-minded and searching for holistic solutions for their little ones – be it their smaller babies or toddlers. As a member of this private group you’ll always feel connected and supported by moms who can relate to your challenges and want to share in your celebrations.