A step-by-step 6 month program that takes you by the hand, improving your child’s health, nutritional intake, and relationship with food.

When your child thrives, your whole family can too. 

Life is too short to be stressed at meals, and fighting over food, right?

I’ve spent countless hours researching the best ways to help children thrive – at any age, and at any size.  And I’ve since helped hundreds and hundreds of families around the world do exactly that.


In our 6 months together, you will never feel alone. You’ll always have someone to guide you through the mealtime chaos, get you simple solutions to frustrating food struggles, and celebrate big and small mealtime wins.  Let me show you the best way to transform the way you feed your picky eater – and family meals – without the fights.      I’m just a phone call or email away.

You’ll also get a health/dietary solutions (for any health concerns your family is trying to navigate), nutrient dense meal ideas (that your family will enjoy), simple snack ideas (to fuel your picky eater), evidence-based strategies (so your child has a positive relationship with food).

So you can finally spend less time searching and stressing, and more time embracing those precious moments with your child.


  • Six (6) privateMealtime Rescue” consultations over six (6) months.
  • Consults held over Zoom, phone, or in-person where possible. You never have to leave your home!
  • Each consult is based on the 4Es to Better Eating Formula (which has transformed hundreds of families).
  • Following each consult, you receive a personalizedMealtime Protocol” with your step-by-step plan (so you know exactly what to do to raise a healthy and adventurous eater).
  • Unlimited email support for six (6) months. 


Help me get to know you, your child, and your family during our comprehensive intake session.

  • Review the family and child’s current/past health status.
  • Assess child’s dietary intake and identify nutritional gaps and solutions.
  • Review child’s preferred food list (and develop an expansion plan).
  • Provide foundational strategies to remove stress and address struggles at mealtimes. 


Here’s what we will cover:

  • Determine if your child is a ‘picky eater‘ or ‘problem feeder’ (so we can address with the right approach)
  • Get evidence-based mealtime strategies to remove the fear of trying new foods
  • Get an optimal food schedule for your child/family (when, how often, how long, etc)
  • Learn how to start making one meal for the whole family (no more catering to different preferences)
  • Understand why your child avoids certain foods (so you can increase their variety)
  • Learn how to make meals enjoyable (no more worry, fights over food, chaotic or stressful dinners)
  • Improve your child’s appetite and eating (no bribes, negotiations, threats, and other icky tactics needed)
  • Understand if their weight/growth, and nutritional intake is a concern (and how to fix it)
  • Get inspired with nutrient-dense + simple recipes (everyone in the family will enjoy)
  • Get a step-by-step plan using the 4Es to Better Eating Formula™ to help your child grow up to have a positive relationship with food (for today and the future)

Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your family” – source unknown

When we have a “picky eater” the entire family is often affected. The stress and battles weigh on everyone at the table, making it challenging to enjoy the meal. And the lack of variety naturally limits what the rest of the family is eating.  So while we are supporting your picky eater, we’re also helping the whole family thrive. 

With my help, you will go from…

  • Helpless to Hopeful (you will have access to step-by-step solutions that work)
  • Panicked to Peace of mind (you’ve got a mom who gets it, a mealtime expert, and Nutritionist by your side)
  • Confused to Confident (you are doing the right things and can stop doubting yourself)
  • Exhausted to Energized (your energy can be used to create positive moments with your child)
  • Alone to Connected (you will never feel like you need to figure this out on your own)

And your days will go from long and bleak to colourful.


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You’re not alone! Join other moms who are health-minded and searching for mealtime and nutrition solutions for their families. As a member of this private group you’ll always feel connected and supported by moms who can relate to your challenges and want to share in your celebrations.