Everything you need to raise a HEALTHY EATER…

And give YOU & YOUR FAMILY the health everyone deserves.

Does this sound like you?


  • You would love for your child to explore new foods, without bribing or distractions, or…
  • You worry whether your child or your family is getting enough nutrition, or…
  • You feel like you’re scraping by with little energy and motivation, or…
  • You wish mealtimes weren’t so stressful, or…
  • You are in a recipe rut and know it’s not helping your kids expand their repertoire of food, or…
  • You are scrambling at 3pm everyday trying to decide what to make for dinner, or…
  • You want to be a better example for your kids (so they can grow up to have a healthier relationship with food), or…

     You’ll no longer feel like you’re failing every time you sit at the table with your family.

In just 60 days…


  • You will know what to do and say at mealtimes so that your child develops a healthy relationship with food – for the short and long term.
  • You will know how to offer meals and snacks to help your child expand his/her interest in new foods.
  • Your kitchen will be stocked with healthy staples for emergency meals/snacks and healthier alternatives to current family faves.
  • You will have a simple meal planning formula & family-friendly recipes to avoid those ‘ugh, what am I going to make‘ moments.
  • You will know how to SIMPLY boost your own energy & reduce stress so that you’re more patient with the kids.
  • You will know how to boost your family’s immune system with simple strategies.
  • And so much more…

What you get:


  • Mealtime step-by-step action plan to address/prevent picky eating and raise a healthy eater.
  • Proven strategies to boost your child’s appetite, manage “treats”, make meals enjoyable, etc.
  • Grocery shopping staples & healthier swaps for your family’s favourite foods/snacks.
  • Guidance on how to build balanced meals and snacks so your family is well nourished.
  • Simple strategies to help you feel energized so you can take better care of your little ones.
  • Immune-boosting solutions for your family.
  • Sanity-saving tools and tips to simplify meal planning.


And more!

No need to take notes or remember all of the powerful strategies we discuss.  You will receive cheatsheets and checklists that you can print off or share with other caregivers.

How it works:

  1. Book a comprehensive phone consult with Danielle to review your family’s mealtime and nutrition goals.
  2. Get a step-by-step action plan to address picky eating, improve your family’s nutrition, etc.
  3. Get two follow-up phone consults a few weeks apart to review progress and implement new strategies.
  4. Get follow up emails (if desired) to help keep you accountable and answer any questions.
  5. Get unlimited access to Danielle for 2 months of support.
  6. Get everything in writing for future reference.

You will know how to take care of yourself, your family, and raise healthier eaters – the right way.

Health-ify your Family in 60 Days

Hi, I'm Danielle Binns (CNP) a Certified Nutritionist who has helped thousands of parents around the world create joyful mealtimes and improve their family's nutrition. I'm also a mom of 3 girls who gets the self-care struggle. Now I help busy people transform their health with my 5 Pillars of Wellness system.

As a Speaker & Consultant I show companies, schools, and restaurants how to take care of their employees and customers with research-based wellness strategies.

There is a SIMPLE and PROVEN way to thrive at home and work.

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