You adore your little ones, but since being a mom your energy isn’t what it used to be. 

It’s so hard not to snap on the kids when you’re so exhausted and irritable.  

And being intimate with your partner feels like a chore.  

You know you need to take care of yourself for your family… 

Yet it’s been easier to put yourself on the back burner.  


You want to eat right but cravings take over. Now you just feel guilty for eating like crap.

You don’t have time or the motivation to workout. 

It’s time to make changes, but don’t know how to start or stick with it.


Then you’re going to love this Energy Reboot.


 Showing time-strapped parents how to improve energy and health in 20 days – with quick & simple solutions across the 5 “S”s.

How it works:
  • You will receive a short daily email with ONE simple tip.
  • Each tip takes less than 10 minutes per day (90% take LESS THAN 5 MINUTES!)
  • Implement the simple solution at home/work and move to the next step the next day.
  • Share your challenges/questions and get motivation in the private group (optional).
  • We focus on each of the five health pillars for 4 days (4 days x 5 pillars = 20 habit-changing tips).
  • Includes 4 rest/catch-up days throughout (I know you’re busy!)

What you get:
  • Short videos you can watch from anywhere.
  • Quick nutrient-dense meals & snacks to keep you full longer.
  • Access to a members-only Facebook group for motivation and inspiration from other parents.
  • Daily support from Danielle Binns (Certified Nutritional Practitioner) via group.
  • Simple solutions for boosting energy/health through the 5 Ss (snacks, sips, sleep, stress, sweat).
  • Cheatsheets & Checklists (optional) for future reference.

Energy Reboot for tired parents

At the end of 20 days:

 You will know how to:

  • Get better quality sleep.
  • Manage your stress as a parent.
  • Make simple balanced meals.
  • Combat your cravings.
  • Optimize your energy.

BONUS:  Your family will reap the benefits seeing mom get an energy reboot.

Introducing the Five S’s.

These are the 5 key elements for health & energy, and the foundation for this powerful 20-day program.

Simple solutions to obtain/maintain a healthy diet for yourself & your family.

  • Know if you’re getting the right balance of nutritious foods to keep you satiated.
  • Get inspiration for QUICK & healthy snacks, breakfasts and other meals (<20 minutes).
  • Know which foods you MUST include for lasting energy (and which to avoid).
  • Know why you’re craving carbs and sweets, and how to kick those cravings.
  • Learn how to eat for fat loss and less bloating without drastically reducing your caloric intake.

Simple solutions to ensure your drinks help (not hurt) your energy & health.

  • The best energy-boosting beverages (also good for weight loss).
  • What you should be drinking for better digestion, nutrient absorption, and less bloating!
  • How much coffee you can have, the best quality, and best time to drink it.
  • What you should NEVER sip on if you are stressed or anxious.
  • What to add to your beverages daily for a big nutrient and energy boost.

Simple solutions to help you move more, despite being a busy parent. 

  • The best type of exercise for optimal energy, health, and fat loss.
  • The type of workouts to AVOID if you are a stressed parent.
  • The absolute best time to be active to reap the most benefit.
  • How to squeeze in active time at home, even when you have little ones.
  • How to burn more calories with no sweating and no time investment (seriously).

Simple solutions to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and feel well-rested.

  • How much sleep you ACTUALLY need.
  • Why getting too little AND too much can be damaging.
  • How to unwind after a long day and fall asleep faster. 
  • Effective tools to improve and monitor your sleep quality.
  • Which foods to avoid and include to optimize sleep (and stay asleep longer).

Simple solutions to help reduce & manage the stresses of parenthood.

  • Why stress is worse than smoking for your health, weight, and energy (and what to do about it).
  • The most effective tools for reducing your stress as a parent.
  • The best foods to help calm your mind and relax your body (without zapping energy).
  • The must-have supplements for any parent who is feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.
  • How to know if your adrenal glands are taxed and what to do asap (so important!).

LIMITED TIME BONUS PHASE (see bonus details above).

Ready to get your health & energy back?

Research shows that when we try new things with other people we’re much more likely to succeed.

So you can join me solo or bring your partner along (FOR FREE) in this amazing 20-day transformation.

*Prices include HST.

The Energy Reboot was built for busy parents…

Its Holistic.  It’s Simple.  It’s Accessible.  

As a Nutritionist (and a mom), I know there isn’t a silver bullet when it comes to our health.

  • We aren’t tired for ONE reason.
  • We aren’t stressed about ONE thing.
  • Diet alone won’t shed ‘baby weight’ or tame the ‘mummy tummy’.

So, if we REALLY want to see results, we need to tackle everything from how we sleep, eat, drink, move and think.  These are the 5 Ss we cover in the Energy Reboot (see above).


You don’t have room to add another thing on your plate.  Even if it’s going to make you feel a heck of a lot better.  So whatever change you make needs to be SIMPLE or else you we can’t/won’t follow through.

In the Energy Reboot, we implement small changes one at a time with daily support from me.

You’ll get bite-sized solutions you can actually stick with.



You can easily access all of the Energy Reboot materials on any device, at anytime, from anywhere.

  • From ANY device (phone, tablet, computer)
  • At ANY time (it’s sent out daily but you can go back and review any time)
  • From ANYwhere (while in bed, making dinner, commuting, etc)

Hi!  I’m   and I was in your shoes.


Overtired and overwhelmed with motherhood.

Being a parent, there’s always a good reason to focus on my girls: be it helping my ‘picky eater’, keeping their immune systems strong, etc.

I was so worried about messing up my kids.  Yet it turns out, I was the one in trouble (ha!).

  • I had no energy to get me through the day.
  • Health symptoms surfaced ‘without reason’ and cravings controlled me.
  • My patience ran thin and honestly, I wasn’t that happy.

I didn’t want my kids to see me as a bump on a log.  They were watching and learning from me everyday.

Yet, I was a Certified Nutritionist and knew what I needed to do. So I let go of the guilt and committed to making simple changes. And today…

  • I have more energy than I know what to do with.
  • I don’t fly off the handle when my kids push my buttons.
  • I’m not hankering for sweets and my ‘mummy tummy’ vanished.

And most importantly…I am a MUCH BETTER mother and my girls are learning that it’s important to eat well, stay active, and take care of themselves.