So I’m writing a note to Santa to let him know that we are all toy-ed out!  We have 15 dolls and countless toys, neglected at the bottom of the toy chest.  Go figure, the girls want another “baby doll” for the holidays (omg) but if it were me,  I would choose gifts that…

  • teach my kids valuable lessons
  • promote creativity
  • protect the planet
  • make mealtimes fun 
  • encourage healthy eating

Good thing mommy knows where to find Santa! 😉

Here are 9 products I absolutely adore for children. 

And because a healthy and happy mom is a prerequisite for healthy and happy kids, I’ve got a 4 gift ideas for grown-ups too!

Gifts for Kids!

ezpz Happy Bowl

I fell in love with the ezpz Happy Mat a few years ago, but the ezpz Happy Bowl is the new fave.  It’s an all-in-one bowl + placemat made from high quality silicone that suctions the highchair or table.  We use it for messier foods like pasta, soup, oatmeal and cereal. 


Other Life Lessons

A healthy mind = a healthy body.  So I’m a big fan of books that teach positive lessons.  I received this package from Other Life Lessons today, and I balled my eyes out reading the book “Why Mommy Works”.  With all the questions my kids are asking around death, “Why Someone Dies” couldn’t come at a better time.  And I have a feeling “Life’s Not Fair” is going to be a daily read. 


Stainless Steel Utensils for Kids from Melissa & Doug

Toys. Ever feel like your house is overflowing with useless toys?  I do!  What if there was a toy that also had a function outside of playtime?  These food-grade utensils from Melissa & Doug are great for play kitchens, but also great for meal and snack times.  Small enough for small hands to food is easier to eat. 

Canadians GRAB IT HERE!

Americans GRAB IT HERE!


With Sienna in her second year of school, I’m realizing that lunch boxes are a lifesaver.  All the little compartments are not only fun for the kids to eat out if, but also reminds us to pack all the things to keep our kids fuelled.  You want one like YumBox that is leak-proof and easy to open.  Because finding part of their lunch in their backpack ain’t no fun! 


ezpz Mini Play Mat 

Research shows that how we present food can make a big difference in whether kids will try it.  I love using the separate flower compartments for presenting colourful bites of food at snack time.  But this Mini Play Mat isn’t just for eating.  The compartments are also perfect for painting, sorting, beadwork and other crafts. It suctions directly to any flat surface, so their paints or pencils don’t take a tumble!



Our child’s backpack has seen better days!  It’s been throw around for the past few months, had lunches spilled and sand stuffed in it. So it seems liek a good time to replace it with one by SoYoung.  What I love about these raw linen backpacks is that they are machine washable. It also has a chest clip keeps the bag securely on while running, climbing, or doing whatever other crazy things kids do!  They’ve got beautiful designs from dinosaurs to dandelions. 

GRAB IT HERE (and choose your style)

Silicon Straws


You’ve likely seen one of my Instagram Stories with the girls slurping soup through their straws.  Bad manners?  Maybe!  But it’s how I helped these kids learn to like soup, and now they eat it like normal people – with a spoon!  These silicon straws are soft for younger children, colourful, and extendable.  They are also environmentally friendly (steering clear of plastic straws!). 


Silicon Muffin Liners


You witnessed it – when the kids melt down because their food touched!  That’s where re-usable baking cups come in!  It’s funny because I use these for snacks, more than I do for baking!  Line them up in a container for an on-the-go snack.  They are made of food-grade silicone and require no greasing or cooking spray (so you won’t lose half your muffin in the liner).  


Placemat Bundle for Picky Eaters

Getting our children to try new foods isn’t easy.  If they dislike the way it looks, feels, or smells, they will likely won’t put it in their mouth.  This game-changing placemat transforms children into scientists, so they learn to like food!  Parents are seeing some A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. changes in their child’s attitude at the table. The Bundle includes Superpower Foods Placemat (25 copies) a Parent Guide (with simple step-by-step instructions), and a Scientist Tracking Sheets (to record your child’s progress and identify new foods to try). 



Kiwi Crates

I’m really trying to limit screen-time for my kids and instead create opportunities for them to be creative.  But it’s a lot of mental power coming up with things for them to do.  So I was overjoyed wen I discovered Kiwi Crates!  They deliver crates to your home every month with activities to entertain our children (different crates for different ages).  It’s like having Santa visit once a month! 

Find a crate for your child

I’m signed up for the Kiwi Crate (science and art activities) for Sienna and the Koala Crate (play and learn activities) for Naomi.  Mackenzie will observe for now. 🙂

Gifts for the “Big Kids” (aka mom and dad)

Enough about the children!  You deserve a darn great gift too, and I have a few faves to share with you.

Movies for Mommies

I love going to the movies and the mommy mental break from thinking about to-do lists, meal planning, etc.  But with kids, a trip the cinema is hardly fun.  If you are Canadian and you have a really wee one (a baby), you’ve gotta get Movies for Mommies on your wish list – a baby-friendly movie matinee for parents (both moms and dads are welcome!).  So whether there’s a diaper to change, or a tired babe to soothe, no one will be cursing you in the theatre. 

Check out movie locations here.

Instant Pot, Duo

I was haunted by Instant Pot for months – everyone had one, and most raved about it.  So I caved and added another kitchen appliance to my countertop.  I don’t use it as often as I should, but when I do I’m impressed!  Best part, it’s a one pot meal in every sense (translation fewer posts and pans used).  Makes awesome rice, beans (no need to soak!), eggs, meats, stews, and soups. The Duo is the number 1 selling multi-cooker that combines 7 appliances in one, including Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, and Yogurt Maker.

Canadians, GRAB IT HERE. (and the amazing reviews!)


Energy Reboot for Busy Parents

I was noticing that many parents (who wanted my nutrition help for their children) were putting their own self-care on the back burner.  There was no time for them.  So I created the 28-day Energy Reboot for Busy Parents (online program) to give you QUICK & EASY health-boosting tips that take no more than 5 minutes a day.  BONUS: it also includes a 2-week energy-boosting meal plan with quick recipes that will have you salivating. 

The 28 day habit-changing program is back January 28th, 2019! 


Lodge Cast Iron 

As you probably know, Teflon is quite toxic.  Yet most pans are coated in this stuff and ceramic or alternative cookware contain other chemicals.  So personally, I feel safest using stainless steel and cast iron for most of my cooking.  Lodge cast iron pans are the best quality (and they are pre-seasoned).   

Bonus: do you know that iron deficiency is associated with low appetite?  And that 1 in 8 toddlers are iron deficient!  Cooking in cast iron periodically can help boost those stores.  

Canadian? Grab your healthy cookware here.

In the US?  Click here.

What’s on your holiday wish list?