What Makes Cheddar Cheese Orange?

Last week in my Facebook Group I posted a photo of a child’s lunch that included cheddar cheese.  As I was brewing topics for my next blog post, a question popped up in the comment’s section of my Facebook post: “Doesn’t orange cheese have food...

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9 Healthy All-in-One Snacks

In one of my last posts I shared some snack inspiration.  I simplified snack prep with a mix & match list of foods to combine - foods that included a protein + carb + fat. Being a nutritionist, I love that list of simple ideas that I (and you) consisting...

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Made Good Granola Minis Recipe

I’m going to take a wild guess that you’re one of the hundreds (ok, thousands) of moms who love Made Good Granola Minis and Made Good Granola Bars. What’s there not to love?

Made Good has done a good great job solving snack problems for parents – it’s free of allergens (dairy, nut, peanut, egg, sesame-free, etc.), school-friendly, and healthier than most packaged snacks. The hidden serving of vegetables is a bonus, especially for parents with “picky eaters”.

That’s why I’m a little giddy about this homemade alternative – my successful attempt at a Made Good Granola Minis Recipe (Chocolate Banana flavour). Otherwise known as the “Poor Mom’s” version or “wannabes”.

They are not only cheaper to make, but healthier with less sugar per bite.

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8 Healthier Halloween “Treats”

Halloween is around the corner and parents are cringing at the thought of our kids coming home with all that candy! It’s rare that my girls get their hands on packaged nutrient-lacking treats at home, but they aren’t completely avoidable.  Firstly, I have...

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5 veggies kids want to eat!

Veggies get a bad wrap.  Most of our kids (especially our picky eaters) will eww and ick at the sight of green stuff.   We can change that by changing the types of veggies we offer. While our kids may not get giddy over brussel sprouts today, or fight for the last...

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