The 4th trimester: 10 things that saved me as a mom of three

While I was pregnant last year, I spent all of my time preparing for the labour.  Admittedly, even after experiencing two births - one at home and one at the hospital – I was still super nervous about her arrival. . The length of the labour. The contractions. The ring of fire (they call it that for a good reason)! The risk that something could happen. . Especially when people continued to tell me that 3rd babies were “wild cards”.   . Grrreat.  . Needless to say, in the final months of my pregnancy I did lots of work to get ready for the birth.  Then on November 8th, Mackenzie, our sweet little girl arrived.  We were now a family of five (whoa!).  . The birth was an amazing experience - it was speedy, she was healthy, and her freaked-out mama survived! (here are my 3 birth stories)  .  . Sure, labour is physically and emotionally challenging. However, it is only a blimp in time. . It’s the s#$% that comes AFTER the birth that is reeeeeeally hard.    . That “ring of fire” I was dreading for months only lasts minutes in most cases. The transition of an unpredictable newborn in the 4th trimester lasts for months. . Even though I had been through the ‘new mom’ phase before (twice), I forgot how draining the 4th trimester can be!  . I felt like a sleep-walking zombie. I had to redefine productivity (showering 3x a week = success). I felt terrible not being able to give as much attention to my older girls. I cried (a lot).  I had no motivation to cook.  . But...
Pinpointing Family Food Intolerances (4 steps)

Pinpointing Family Food Intolerances (4 steps)

  Up until a year ago my quirky 2 year had that soft, supple baby skin.  But one day I noticed a patch of rough skin just above her cute little tush.  Then those spotty patches moved to her back and arms.  The alarm bells starting going off in her mommy’s head (as a parent there’s aaaaaalways something to worry about right?). Being a Certified Nutritionist, I knew her body was reacting to something so I went into investigation mode.  And I quickly figured out dairy was the culprit.  It was a pesky food intolerance that was triggered on the inside, but showed up on the outside. Our body has an amazing way of trying to tell us something is up.  But often we chalk it up to not being a problem and our new ‘normal’. For your family it might be… Cravings Irritability and tantrums Inability to lose weight Inability to gain weight Autoimmune disease Fatigue Headaches Migraines Muscle or joint pain. These are all symptoms of a food sensitivity or intolerance. Let me explain!   What is a Food Intolerance? It is important to not confuse a food intolerance with a food allergy as they are two separate conditions. A food intolerance is the body’s digestive system’s response to a disagreeable food. Unlike a food allergy, which produces an immunological mechanism after consuming an allergen, a food intolerance produces a non-immunological reaction. For example, a person may have digestive issues after drinking cow’s milk because they are unable to digest the sugar lactose — this would be called a food intolerance. If they had an immunologic response to...

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