Cauliflower Rice (Spanish Rice style)

Cauliflower Rice (Spanish Rice style)

May I vent for a moment? I’m supposed to be on a beach right now, in a bathing suit, eating Spanish rice and Chimichangas.   Instead I’m in a hoodie, sipping tea at my kitchen table.  And I’m kinda bummed about it. We’ve had to cancel three (I repeat, THREE) family trips in the past few years due to unforeseen circumstances.   We were optimistic the bad luck was past us and we would finally be on a plane this week.   Yet, the universe has other plans for our family. My youngest daughter contracted the highly contagious Hand Foot & Mouth (coxsackie) virus last week.  I realized just how contagious it was after my other daughter succumbed to the virus a few days ago, despite keeping her at a distance and washing hands incessantly.    If it wasn’t for the red bumps on their bodies and somewhat limited appetite, you would never know they were ill.  Both are happily playing together (for now) as I write this.   But I would feel terrible if we passed this on to other families and ruined their vacation.  So we regrettably cancelled our trip 18 hours before take off. If there’s one thing I’ve learned since having kids, it’s NEVER to travel without cancellation insurance. Thankfully my 3 year old, who was thrilled about going to “Mes-ico”, hasn’t mentioned it or notice we were supposed to be on a plane yesterday.  After I publish this post I’ll be discreetly unpacking her luggage and hiding her new bathing suits. Ok, now I’m done venting.  I needed that - thanks for listening! There are so many reasons to be sad about being quarantined in our Toronto...

Roasted Curry Cauliflower

Please don’t let the word “curry” deter you from reading further. Admittedly, a “curried cauliflower” recipe didn’t initially catch my motherly eye either.  When you have kids, the blander the recipe the better.  At least, that’s what we think!   Parents assume little ones fear flavor, so we keep feeding them plain pasta and they continue to ask for it (because that’s all they really know!).  Thus the picky eating cycle begins. Heck, research shows that babies are exposed to flavours through amniotic fluid when they are still in mom’s tummy, so why limit their exposure now! Give your little one a chance to explore different foods AND flavours as much as you can.  Worst case scenario:  you have more curried cauliflower for yourself.   That is, until your kids realize what they are missing. This traditional Indian spice gives plain ol’ white cauliflower a golden glow and addictive flavor.   Most importantly, the curry comes with a nutritional benefit. Turmeric is a concentrated source of curcumin, a phytonutrient that has incredible anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to improve liver function.  The added bonus for our kiddos is that turmeric is a source of iron.  Just 2 teaspoons of this spice will boost your child’s iron by 1.9 mg (getting them closer to their daily requirement of 7-11 mg). Daily consumption of Curry Powder is known to boost memory (those who regularly had curry spiced dishes performed better on memory tests).   Roasted Curry Cauliflower Ingredients: 1 head of cauliflower, chopped into florets (chop up the stems too!) 2-3 Tbsp avocado oil 1-2 tbsp curry powder 2 tsp cumin powder 2-3 garlic cloves Few shakes of turmeric Few shakes of chili powder...

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