What I lost when I became a mom

How often do you ask yourself what the heck you did before you had kids? When I reflect on my child-less days I recall surfing the web aimlessly, spending hours at the gym, going for leisurely brunches/lunches/dinners/drinks, and watching multiple episodes of Lost into the wee hours of the morning. On April 8th, 2013 (coincidentally the day I became a mother), I abruptly stopped doing all of the above. I shouldn’t say this aloud, but I don’t think I’m alone.  Many of my early motherhood days were tainted with an undertone of frustration and resentment having to let go of those “pre-mom” aspects of my life.   I felt as though having children meant sacrificing what I enjoyed and losing a part of me. But then I started to realize that motherhood is not about what I have lost at all. It’s about what I have gained. The challenges we faced with our first daughter put life in perspective.  As I shared here, my motherhood journey was not your typical one:  we had a baby girl who underwent heart surgeries at 4 months of age, was diagnosed with a life-changing genetic condition at 1 year old, who experienced feeding and growth challenges.  These very raw motherhood moments uncovered the ‘real’ me.  And truthfully, a better me. While I would not wish those moments on anyone, I am stronger and see life in a different light because of them. I still have 24 hours in my day,  I just choose to use them differently.  I use them on the things that matter and will make a difference in my life, my family’s, and the lives of other moms.   I sleep more (if the kids let...

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